Another Art Form…

Jan 2, 2011

Jump Rings, Bail Plates, E6000,Vintage Buttons and BAM… new addiction! Here are a few things I made, yesterday. I need to get some chains to put these on and I think several necklaces worn at once will look really cute and certainly blingy at CHA. I love how the lighting there makes everything seem to sparkle more. Tomorrow, it’s back to book projects… refocus, Lisa, refocus! I have a technique swirling around in my head I can’t wait to try and I feel it’ll be an awesome one for my book.

These are a few pieces I made for Ansley

And here are several pieces I made for me out of vintage pins, buttons and cuff links. This is so much fun and I love that all are unique.

Are you going to try a new art form this year? I say go for it, it is so much fun!

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