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Jan 27, 2011

Last night we ate at this real­ly good place called Mat­sui. Every­thing was won­der­ful but I soon found out along with design team mem­ber Sarah that the one thing that was not so won­der­ful was their Japan­ese tea. Yikes that was some hard stuff to drink. Need­less to say the laughs start­ed right then. Sarah is Aussie tough she drank all of hers and well I must admit Lau­ra helped me with mine. Thank good­ness. Although I could have fin­ished it off if I had, had about 5 pounds of sug­ar to put in it. So note to self… when the wait­ress says, “this is Japan­ese tea” take note… it is not just like any oth­er tea. Japan­ese tea is cer­tain­ly a long way away from the sweet tea of the south I’m used to drink­ing. And we are not even going to talk about the hot green tea Car­o­line and David were drink­ing… that stuff smelled like a dirty wet ath­let­ic sock. Yikes!

For din­er I had their “Go Go Mat­sui Bowl” it was so yum­my but way more food than I could eat so David helped me fin­ish off the shrimp. It was good but I was stuffed. I’m not sure where he put all that food but we got to lis­ten to how when he and his fam­i­ly would go to Long John Sil­vers once a year. His mom and dad would only order one piece of shrimp for all the kids so you had to be fast and grab it first if you want­ed to eat. I guess it was sur­vival of the fittest in that house… so the moral of this sto­ry is you nev­er waste shrimp… some­thing is telling me he is only giv­ing me half of that sto­ry.  And I am not sure what was in that soup but it was so good… chives, tofu (I think) and I have no idea what the greens were but it was good.

The restau­rant was in this cute shop­ping cen­ter.… night pho­tog­ra­phy is not my thing but I think it is good enough to share with all my blog friends. After din­ner we all head­ed back to the hotel and called it night… lots of booth prep­ping to day today. Oh the glam­orous side of tradeshows. But as I’ve said many times… I LOVE IT!

So today we will begin to set up the booth and eat Tim Tams… oh noth­ing like hav­ing an awe­some Aussie friend to bring you every sin­gle kind they make… we LOVE SARAH!

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