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Jan 27, 2011

Last night we ate at this really good place called Matsui. Everything was wonderful but I soon found out along with design team member Sarah that the one thing that was not so wonderful was their Japanese tea. Yikes that was some hard stuff to drink. Needless to say the laughs started right then. Sarah is Aussie tough she drank all of hers and well I must admit Laura helped me with mine. Thank goodness. Although I could have finished it off if I had, had about 5 pounds of sugar to put in it. So note to self… when the waitress says, “this is Japanese tea” take note… it is not just like any other tea. Japanese tea is certainly a long way away from the sweet tea of the south I’m used to drinking. And we are not even going to talk about the hot green tea Caroline and David were drinking… that stuff smelled like a dirty wet athletic sock. Yikes!

For diner I had their “Go Go Matsui Bowl” it was so yummy but way more food than I could eat so David helped me finish off the shrimp. It was good but I was stuffed. I’m not sure where he put all that food but we got to listen to how when he and his family would go to Long John Silvers once a year. His mom and dad would only order one piece of shrimp for all the kids so you had to be fast and grab it first if you wanted to eat. I guess it was survival of the fittest in that house… so the moral of this story is you never waste shrimp… something is telling me he is only giving me half of that story.  And I am not sure what was in that soup but it was so good… chives, tofu (I think) and I have no idea what the greens were but it was good.

The restaurant was in this cute shopping center…. night photography is not my thing but I think it is good enough to share with all my blog friends. After dinner we all headed back to the hotel and called it night… lots of booth prepping to day today. Oh the glamorous side of tradeshows. But as I’ve said many times… I LOVE IT!

So today we will begin to set up the booth and eat Tim Tams… oh nothing like having an awesome Aussie friend to bring you every single kind they make… we LOVE SARAH!

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