Sugar Cookies and a Glittered Bow

Dec 19, 2010

Okay well not the actual sugar cookies but I wanted to share with you the kind I used to look forward to making each Christmas with my Mom. I knew Santa had to have loved mine the best as he never left a crumb on his plate. I think the reindeer helped in licking the plate clean.

The week before Christmas mom and I always headed to the store to get the rolled Pillsbury Sugar Cookie dough. Click here for a coupon. I loved making these Santa and Angel cookies so much. Each one always looked a little bit different after baking but they all were decorated the same… such a type A personality even back then. Santa had a red hat, white pom pom and trim on his hat, white mustache, red hot for a nose and gel icing for his eyes and mouth. The Angel had a white dress, white wings with sugar sprinkled on top for a little sparkle. So, so fun. So below I have cut some paper circles to show you how I created the cookies.

The Santa Cookie

  • You need two slices of the cookie dough (I have found the colder the dough the easier to cut the slices)

  • Cut one cookie slice as shown and leave one cookie slice as is.

  • Assemble cookie as shown. You will need to pinch off a small amount of dough to create a ball for his pom pom on the top of his hat as well as create some small dough balls to make the trim of his hat. You can also do this with icing if you prefer.
  • Once the cookie is baked you can decorate him as you wish.

The Angel Cookie

  • You need one slice of the cookie dough.

  • Cut the dough slice as shown and assemble as shown. Then add a small dough ball to the top of the assembled cookie to make the Angel’s head. Once baked you can decorate it as you wish. These are certainly some fun and simple cookies to make with any age child.

Glittered Gift Bow

And you knew I would have to do it… I had to glitter up my gift bow. I added Diamond Stickles to the scallops then applied Collage Pauge Instant Decoupage and Crystal Coarse Glitter all over.  I love the sparkle.

Now I am off to do some more Christmas shopping. I hope to finish today. Please, please, please let me finish today.

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