Sugar Cookies and a Glittered Bow

Dec 19, 2010

Okay well not the actu­al sug­ar cook­ies but I want­ed to share with you the kind I used to look for­ward to mak­ing each Christ­mas with my Mom. I knew San­ta had to have loved mine the best as he nev­er left a crumb on his plate. I think the rein­deer helped in lick­ing the plate clean.

The week before Christ­mas mom and I always head­ed to the store to get the rolled Pills­bury Sug­ar Cook­ie dough. Click here for a coupon. I loved mak­ing these San­ta and Angel cook­ies so much. Each one always looked a lit­tle bit dif­fer­ent after bak­ing but they all were dec­o­rat­ed the same… such a type A per­son­al­i­ty even back then. San­ta had a red hat, white pom pom and trim on his hat, white mus­tache, red hot for a nose and gel icing for his eyes and mouth. The Angel had a white dress, white wings with sug­ar sprin­kled on top for a lit­tle sparkle. So, so fun. So below I have cut some paper cir­cles to show you how I cre­at­ed the cook­ies.

The San­ta Cook­ie

  • You need two slices of the cook­ie dough (I have found the cold­er the dough the eas­i­er to cut the slices)

  • Cut one cook­ie slice as shown and leave one cook­ie slice as is.

  • Assem­ble cook­ie as shown. You will need to pinch off a small amount of dough to cre­ate a ball for his pom pom on the top of his hat as well as cre­ate some small dough balls to make the trim of his hat. You can also do this with icing if you pre­fer.
  • Once the cook­ie is baked you can dec­o­rate him as you wish.

The Angel Cook­ie

  • You need one slice of the cook­ie dough.

  • Cut the dough slice as shown and assem­ble as shown. Then add a small dough ball to the top of the assem­bled cook­ie to make the Angel’s head. Once baked you can dec­o­rate it as you wish. These are cer­tain­ly some fun and sim­ple cook­ies to make with any age child.

Glit­tered Gift Bow

And you knew I would have to do it… I had to glit­ter up my gift bow. I added Dia­mond Stick­les to the scal­lops then applied Col­lage Pauge Instant Decoupage and Crys­tal Coarse Glit­ter all over.  I love the sparkle.

Now I am off to do some more Christ­mas shop­ping. I hope to fin­ish today. Please, please, please let me fin­ish today.

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