Some Holiday Bling

Dec 23, 2010

This is a bracelet I created using some big pearl cabochons I’ve  had for a while and some vintage rhinestone buttons I’ve been hoarding. It’s super simple to make and one I will be wearing a lot as I love anything that sparkles.

This idea came about while I was in Hobby Lobby, yesterday looking at all the holiday clearance items. While walking around I ended up in the jewelry aisle. I saw their bracelet with bezel items and BAM I had an idea. Well I could not get home fast enough to see if it would work and as you can see it did. I wish the sun was out today so you could see the sparkle but looks like a cloudy day for us. I plan on going back to Hobby Lobby today to get a few more of the bracelets because I’m going to make more using some vintage earrings I’ve been hoarding.

I do not need another hobby… I do not need another hobby… Looks like I have another hobby. And I think my sweet girls are going to like this one a lot.

Supplies Used: 4 – Vintage Rhinestone Buttons, 4 – Large Pearl Cabochons, 1 – Bracelet Bezel, E6000

Tools Needed: Pliers, Shank Remover, File


  • Remove the shank from your buttons as best as possible. I filed mine down a bit since the shanks on my buttons were made of a soft metal. Note: This is one reason I like the bezel bracelet as it has room for you to sit the button shank area into it.
  • Depending on the size of your wrist you might need to remove one or more of the bezels on the bracelet. I had to remove one on mine as my wrists are pretty small (the only thing small on my body)
  • Arrange the buttons and cabochons as you like them. Then apply E6000 to the center of each bezel piece on your bracelet and attach the buttons and cabochons. Note: Make sure you read the directions on the packaging of the E6000. That stuff is super smelly so you want to work in a well ventilated area.
  • Set aside and let dry over night. And there you have it… a beautiful blinged out bracelet.

I hope you all are better prepared this holiday season than I am… I have GOT to bake today and have some last minute errands to run. Tomorrow we are celebrating Christmas at our house. Wish me luck!

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