Oh my STARS…

Dec 6, 2010

While surfing the net the other day I came upon this gorgeous tree created by Karen Aguirre at Creative Chaos. Needless to say my jaw dropped as you all know how I love CREPE PAPER and GLITTER!!! Karen’s trees are so incredibly adorable. What I should be doing is working on book projects but NO someone had to make an incredible piece of art and then felt the need to share her creativity with everyone, so now all I can think about making are these wonderful Crepe Paper Christmas Trees. Talk about the enabler. But all kidding aside I think her trees are absolute perfection and how could they not when created with crepe paper ruffles, glitter and tinsel then accented using glittery berries, a star and the sweetest banner. I could fill our mantel and every nook and cranny of our house with these but realistically I will just drool and enjoy in the thought of all of you making them as I have got to get to crackin on book projects, once again. Staying ahead is way better than trying to play catch up when the dreaded deadlines approach.

And since I thought you all needed to know about Karen’s gorgeous Christmas trees you might as well know this too…  she also has an etsy store called “Icing On The Cake” that just so happens to be filled with wonderful items like these…

Vintage Wallpaper Journals

Inspiration Kits

and Sparkly Earrings plus so much more…
I think any of Karen’s beautiful creations will make awesome Christmas gifts. So I guess this post kept the enabling ball rolling.

Happy Monday!

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