A very ugly secret…

Dec 20, 2010

This indus­try that so many of us love and work very hard to make mon­ey at with our ideas and class­es has a very ugly secret. This indus­try has some in it that will make deals and not fol­low through. This indus­try has peo­ple in it who send nasty emails to artists accus­ing them of untruths.

Why do we as artists allow such treat­ment? Is it fear of ruf­fling feath­ers among the fol­low­ers of these peo­ple? From now on I will not allow this… if my truths ruf­fle feath­ers well I am sor­ry, some­times it is hard to accept peo­ple for whom and what they are. Their fol­low­ers need to real­ize and accept it as well and be thank­ful that they have been saved from such treat­ment from these peo­ple as even­tu­al­ly it will hap­pen to them too. Peo­ple who do not stick to their word and end up mak­ing mon­ey off of oth­er artists should real­ly look with­in and they too need to accept the per­son they are… uneth­i­cal thieves. Those who do not stick to their word or fol­low through on promis­es are not wor­thy of being in this indus­try. This indus­try is filled with won­der­ful artists that want to share their craft with oth­ers but the ugli­ness that comes from some makes it hard for some to want to con­tin­ue in this indus­try.

When will we as artist’s band togeth­er and stop allow­ing each oth­er to be treat­ed so bad­ly? We need to band togeth­er now and stop this treat­ment. We can hold those account­able with­out fear of reper­cus­sion espe­cial­ly if we band togeth­er. We can help oth­ers from going through what we have been dealt by those that are uneth­i­cal in this indus­try.

I have per­son­al­ly been sent email from a per­son who tried to bul­ly me. Then come to find out this very same per­son did the same thing to sev­er­al oth­er artist friends. This per­son seems to be very into send­ing the so called nasty grams. I nev­er replied and took this per­son for what she was… intim­i­dat­ed. Let me just say I will nev­er let that hap­pen again. If this per­son is big enough to send a nasty gram I hope she is big enough to deal with being revealed as I will reveal her. I still have the email she sent me on Jan­u­ary 1, 2009. I will not take this treat­ment ever again and I hope oth­er artists will take this stand with me today, right now and for­ev­er.

I recent­ly dis­cov­ered this same per­son who sent me a nasty gram is not going to pay artists in full for work per­formed that she prof­it­ed from. Thank­ful­ly, all the com­pa­nies I have worked for have been pro­fes­sion­al and have always paid me in full for my ser­vices. If I were part of this tal­ent­ed group of artists, I would do my best to get all those involved to band togeth­er, request pay­ment in full and accept no excus­es on why pay­ment can­not be giv­en. You tal­ent­ed group of artists did your part. You kept your end of the deal and now you should be com­pen­sat­ed as agreed upon. If pay­ment is not giv­en, you as a group need to out this per­son and spare oth­ers who will be dealt the same fate in the future.

This per­son is the first one to jump in and accuse peo­ple of copy­ing her. Well let me just say I have dis­cov­ered items that she has “designed” that I know were copied first hand by cre­at­ing her pat­tern using two images I saw in Anthro­polo­gie not that long ago. As soon as I saw these two images I knew instant­ly she was heav­i­ly inspired by the designs I saw in Anthro­polo­gie. There is no doubt she copied these two designs it is that obvi­ous. Did she give cred­it for her inspi­ra­tion, of course not? Oh you copy cat you. You should be so ashamed of your­self. But you should be even more ashamed of your­self for not pay­ing these artists for all the hard work they did so you would be suc­cess­ful. So you can pat your­self on the back for a job well done… so you can bask in all the glo­ry. Shame on YOU!

And to think you con­sid­er your­self a Chris­t­ian woman. Being a Chris­t­ian is some­thing you prac­tice year round not just on East­er and Christ­mas. I hope you and your fam­i­ly have a won­der­ful Christ­mas, I real­ly do and while you sit in Mass on Christ­mas Eve, I hope you reflect on those peo­ple you cheat­ed out of $1,000’s of dol­lars. These peo­ple, who most like­ly could use and were count­ing on that mon­ey this hol­i­day sea­son, while you and your fam­i­ly open up all your won­der­ful gifts I hope you reflect on those you did not pay and won­der just how they paid for their Christ­mas gifts. Shame on YOU!

I say to you artists nev­er stop try­ing to get your mon­ey. You earned it. You did your part and now YOU SHOULD BE PAID in FULL!
Good luck to you all. Band togeth­er, stand strong and make this per­son do what is right!

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