A very ugly secret…

Dec 20, 2010

This industry that so many of us love and work very hard to make money at with our ideas and classes has a very ugly secret. This industry has some in it that will make deals and not follow through. This industry has people in it who send nasty emails to artists accusing them of untruths.

Why do we as artists allow such treatment? Is it fear of ruffling feathers among the followers of these people? From now on I will not allow this… if my truths ruffle feathers well I am sorry, sometimes it is hard to accept people for whom and what they are. Their followers need to realize and accept it as well and be thankful that they have been saved from such treatment from these people as eventually it will happen to them too. People who do not stick to their word and end up making money off of other artists should really look within and they too need to accept the person they are… unethical thieves. Those who do not stick to their word or follow through on promises are not worthy of being in this industry. This industry is filled with wonderful artists that want to share their craft with others but the ugliness that comes from some makes it hard for some to want to continue in this industry.

When will we as artist’s band together and stop allowing each other to be treated so badly? We need to band together now and stop this treatment. We can hold those accountable without fear of repercussion especially if we band together. We can help others from going through what we have been dealt by those that are unethical in this industry.

I have personally been sent email from a person who tried to bully me. Then come to find out this very same person did the same thing to several other artist friends. This person seems to be very into sending the so called nasty grams. I never replied and took this person for what she was… intimidated. Let me just say I will never let that happen again. If this person is big enough to send a nasty gram I hope she is big enough to deal with being revealed as I will reveal her. I still have the email she sent me on January 1, 2009. I will not take this treatment ever again and I hope other artists will take this stand with me today, right now and forever.

I recently discovered this same person who sent me a nasty gram is not going to pay artists in full for work performed that she profited from. Thankfully, all the companies I have worked for have been professional and have always paid me in full for my services. If I were part of this talented group of artists, I would do my best to get all those involved to band together, request payment in full and accept no excuses on why payment cannot be given. You talented group of artists did your part. You kept your end of the deal and now you should be compensated as agreed upon. If payment is not given, you as a group need to out this person and spare others who will be dealt the same fate in the future.

This person is the first one to jump in and accuse people of copying her. Well let me just say I have discovered items that she has “designed” that I know were copied first hand by creating her pattern using two images I saw in Anthropologie not that long ago. As soon as I saw these two images I knew instantly she was heavily inspired by the designs I saw in Anthropologie. There is no doubt she copied these two designs it is that obvious. Did she give credit for her inspiration, of course not? Oh you copy cat you. You should be so ashamed of yourself. But you should be even more ashamed of yourself for not paying these artists for all the hard work they did so you would be successful. So you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done… so you can bask in all the glory. Shame on YOU!

And to think you consider yourself a Christian woman. Being a Christian is something you practice year round not just on Easter and Christmas. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas, I really do and while you sit in Mass on Christmas Eve, I hope you reflect on those people you cheated out of $1,000’s of dollars. These people, who most likely could use and were counting on that money this holiday season, while you and your family open up all your wonderful gifts I hope you reflect on those you did not pay and wonder just how they paid for their Christmas gifts. Shame on YOU!

I say to you artists never stop trying to get your money. You earned it. You did your part and now YOU SHOULD BE PAID in FULL!
Good luck to you all. Band together, stand strong and make this person do what is right!

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