Super fun gift for both Dads and sons

Nov 26, 2010

I have got to tell you about this neat toy my brother-in-law Douglas has that I think will be a great surprise gift for all the men in your family.

Last year he thought these remote controlled helicopters or the Phantom 6010 as he calls it were so cool he bought one for Alan. Let me tell you Alan was entertained for hours which I deeply appreciated and I am sure you would too.

Although, Buster our schnauzer thought it was an alien coming down from outer space trying to invade his territory, so he was set on seeing it destroyed. I suggest if you have dogs in your house you might be a tad bit careful flying this thing around them. If it ends up in their reach it will experience instant death.

Anyway a few months later, Douglas and a friend imported these Phantom 6010 with Gyro to sell on Amazon. On their Teraport website, you can watch it flying around, read more about it, and about Douglas and his partner. And of course there’s a link at the bottom that brings you to the Amazon page. Or you can just click on any of the links I just provided.

I have to admit this little toy is pretty cool. If you have a kid that might like this kind of thing, I highly recommend his. The colors vary so it will be a surprise as to which color you get. But they all look super cool.

Oh, and whatever you do, please do not buy similar ones at the mall from those annoying kiosks in the middle of the walking areas, you know the ones that always come up to you and say, can I ask you something, can I show you something… yadda yadda yadda. They’ll sell you one that isn’t as good for $60 or more and most likely you can’t return.

The Phantom 6010 is only $35.00 with free shipping, and has Amazon’s super easy return policy.

So there you have it my super fun Santa gift suggestion for all the men in your family. And the great thing is you can purchase it in your warm cozy house without waiting in long lines or dealing with impatient people and it will be delivered right to your front door. I love  shopping online.

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