Memory Jar and a winner…

Oct 6, 2010

While in Mykonos I col­lect­ed sim­ple items I could use to fill a mem­o­ry jar of my trip. This old sug­ar dis­penser con­tains lots of won­der­ful mem­o­ries. I picked the sug­ar dis­penser because it remind­ed me of the columns I saw while tour­ing Delos. I paint­ed the met­al top blue to remind me of all the blue on the hous­es and build­ings. Then along the bot­tom of the jar I typed 2010 — Cocoa Daisy Des­ti­na­tion — Mykonos on vin­tage paper to doc­u­ment the year and name of the event.

I tied blue and white seam bind­ing around the top of the con­tain­er to remind me of all the gor­geous white build­ings with blue accents. I then tied some red and white bak­er’s twine around it as there is always a lit­tle pop of red some­place to be found on the island. The evil eye is a sym­bol you see all over the island so I had to add a lit­tle charm that I pur­chased and the pel­i­cans are celebri­ties on the island… they are HUGE! Eli­na passed out these cute chip­board pieces to all the guests.

Chris­tine and I bagged some sand from the island and she picked out this lit­tle stat­ue for me. There were way too many for me to pick from so I just told her to pick the one she liked best. I would still be stand­ing there mak­ing up my mind if she had not done so. I tucked a lit­tle coin in the sand and trimmed a post­card I bought one night while doing some late night shop­ping with Chris­tine and Ron­da. The image on the post­card reminds me of the view I saw as I looked out our room.

The pearl pin rep­re­sents the lit­tle mar­ble rocks you find all over and the clear jew­el pin rep­re­sents the clear water. The water there is gor­geous. And I am still look­ing for a small met­al cross to put on top. I think that will com­plete my mem­o­ry jar per­fect­ly. Note: I used a super strong adhe­sive to seal the spout on the lid closed.

And now to announce the win­ner of the mini work­shop kit… the win­ner is SUSIE MOORE.… email me your snail mail address and I will get your kit to you ASAP. Con­grats, Susie!

Susie Moore says:

Lisa – what mem­o­ries you must have of this trip! You will be using your pic­tures FOREVER in your projects. Hap­py scrap­ping!

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