Sep 20, 2010

Okay really I cannot even begin to describe how incredible Mykonos  is… I say look up every single incredible word in the dictionary and that might describe this place. I will be coming back here no doubt…  so here are more photos that I took during the day yesterday. I know my family and hopefully some of you are looking forward to seeing Greece through my eyes.

The only colors you really see here on the island are pops of blue or red among all the white. It is truly gorgeous.

Poolside lighting … the lighting is even cool in Mykonos

And eating lunch poolside here is a true delight… I could really get used to this type of living.

Getting ready to walk down to dinner and waiting for the sunset… love all the shadows on the buildings. Makes me want to paint. Mom this one is for you since you are the painter of the family.

Walking down the 1,000,000 steps on our way to our poolside dinner.

along the stairway…

Little accents like this are everywhere you look.

Sunset in Mykonos… really this photo does not do this sunset justice. Dad I thought of you instantly.

Poolside dinner watching the sunsest. I tell ya my life is really grand this week.

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