Sep 20, 2010

Okay real­ly I can­not even begin to describe how incred­i­ble Mykonos  is… I say look up every sin­gle incred­i­ble word in the dic­tio­nary and that might describe this place. I will be com­ing back here no doubt…  so here are more pho­tos that I took dur­ing the day yes­ter­day. I know my fam­i­ly and hope­ful­ly some of you are look­ing for­ward to see­ing Greece through my eyes.

The only col­ors you real­ly see here on the island are pops of blue or red among all the white. It is tru­ly gor­geous.

Pool­side light­ing … the light­ing is even cool in Mykonos

And eat­ing lunch pool­side here is a true delight… I could real­ly get used to this type of liv­ing.

Get­ting ready to walk down to din­ner and wait­ing for the sun­set… love all the shad­ows on the build­ings. Makes me want to paint. Mom this one is for you since you are the painter of the fam­i­ly.

Walk­ing down the 1,000,000 steps on our way to our pool­side din­ner.

along the stair­way…

Lit­tle accents like this are every­where you look.

Sun­set in Mykonos… real­ly this pho­to does not do this sun­set jus­tice. Dad I thought of you instant­ly.

Pool­side din­ner watch­ing the sunsest. I tell ya my life is real­ly grand this week.

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