Sunday morning.…

Sep 19, 2010

Wow is all I can say… Mykonos is incred­i­ble. The food is awe­some. Shops stay open well past mid­night, the tem­per­a­ture is per­fect and the peo­ple I am spend­ing this week with are AWESOME.

We went out to eat last night and had the most incred­i­ble sal­ad ever. Hon­est­ly I could eat this every sin­gle day of my life.

We ate din­ner out on the patio and the entire trel­lis over our heads was cov­ered with this bloom­ing trum­pet vine… it was stun­ning.

This was my view first thing this morn­ing… it made me instant­ly think of my dad­dy as I know he would love to be out in the sea sail­ing.

Anoth­er scenic view tak­en around the hotel this morn­ing… so gor­geous.

And anoth­er stair­way… loves this so much although going down is so much eas­i­er than going up… stair­ways are ALL OVER.

I just love the build­ings here  with all the blue pho­tos real­ly do not cap­ture the true beau­ty of Mykonos.

This lit­tle cutie vis­its the hotel every day with his mom… he plays while she works… he is only 5 months and is so well behaved and fun­ny.

I must say loung­ing (rest­ing my swollen ankles) and sip­ping diet coke while look­ing out at the Aegean Sea is real­ly is pret­ty darn nice

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