Sep 20, 2010

I hope your Monday was as great as mine… got up this morning, ate some fabulous Greek yogurt with pineapples, oats and honey on top then topped it off with chocolate crepes. I am certainly not starving that is for sure. After breakfast I walked around the hotel and took some photos… I love the doorways  in Mykonos.

This is the doorway leading from the lobby to the patio.

Here is the doorway leading out of the hotel.

What you see looking out the door. Today there were 7 cruise ships in view.

Love the shades they have in the window and notice the pop of red.

The lobby decor here makes me want to go to IKEA. And thankfully living in Frisco I have one just around the corner. Tomorrow will be pretty much the same as today… I don’t teach my mini workshop until Thursday and Friday so no scrappy photos until then. I might walk into town tomorrow if I do you will love the photos the town is wonderful. Until then have a great day… I’m off to bed.

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