Jenni Bowlin Paint Dabbers…

Sep 13, 2010

Did you know Jenni Bowlin now has acrylic paint dabbers and ink pads that match her color schemes perfectly? Well if you didn’t she sure does and they are awesome. I got to play with some while creating this mini album for a guest blog post on her Inspiration blog. I love Chili Powder as it is a wonderful shade of red. I used the Chili Powder, Lemon Drop, Malted Milk and Fountain Pen when creating this mini album. If you want to see photos of the inside visit her Inspiration blog

And I cannot believe I head for Greece this Friday. I am running around like a crazy woman getting all my last minute items and hoping everything will fit into one suitcase… I really do not want to bring two. Thankfully I am pretty good at packing since I always manage to come home with loads more than what I left with during CHA. That last day everyone is packing very creatively.

While I’m there, I hope to have time each night to make blog posts. I think it will be fun to share this experience with you as it is happening. I know I will be taking photos like crazy. This is going to be such a fun trip spent with super fun people. So exciting.

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