I am loving my life…

Sep 18, 2010

not one doubt about it… I arrived in Mykonos dead dog tired but I can­not think of a bet­ter place to be dead dog tired…

entrance to our hotel

lots of won­der­ful stair­ways like this, this one goes to our hotel room.

this is the view as we walk out of our room

ate lunch with every­one here this after­noon

and this is what we ate… it was SO GOOD!

Tonight we are head­ing to town for din­ner… more fun and loads of laughs I’m sure. Tomor­row I will be a bit more chat­ty… tonight I’m doing good to know my own name. Have a great day… I sure am. Sor­ry for the ear­ly morn­ing wake up call mom… but you know one is nev­er too old to have to call her mom to say she arrived and is already hav­ing a blast. Hugs to all at home.

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