These things make me smile…

Aug 19, 2010

I thought I would show you a few more things from around my scraproom. I just love old and new mixed together… although what I am going to be showing is mostly old… also, I find it fun to decorate my scraproom with items I have found with other people while digging in antique stores or thrift shops… makes me think of them a lot when I use the products I have stored in dishes etc.

I have used these two candle holders for years to fill with candy hearts for Valentines Day or snow for Christmas but now they will be filled with vintage buttons of every kind. Oh how these make me happy sitting right on my worktable at arms reach. I always think of me and dad scooping out and counting  about 40 pounds of these beauties. And you all know how much I love my typewriter. I LOVE that thing so much. I always think of my mom asking the lady at this antique store if they had one and her saying yes it is in my car in nearly perfect condition… you can imagine my face.

I love the look of milk glass mixed with depression glass. The divided dish works perfectly to hold my Distress Stickles, glue sticks, sewing needles and my milk glass shaker filled with fine silver german glass glitter.  The smaller oval dish is perfect for holding my scissors and other tools. That little salt shaker makes me so happy. I found this last month when mom, dad and I were driving through TN. The milk glass pedestal piece was purchased in an antique store in Buckhannon, WV. These pieces I use for organization cost me about $20.00 all together. You can’t beat that price.

These metal flower frogs are just sitting patiently on my shelf waiting to be used for photo shoots to hold tags and cards. But for now they display old buttons and a few Jenni Bowlin photo images. I love these frogs and find them all over. Mine have come from WV, TX, TN and ME.

And now for this fun item… my dad made me this paper towel holder a few years ago. I plan on decoupaging old sheet music to the base which I will show you when I get it completed. I created the top of the holder using the vintage button tutorial project I did a while back. I think it looks so cute sitting on my worktable. Now I am on the look out for a container to keep my wipes in… vintage of course.

So here are just a few of the things that make me smile. I will share some more photos of my room once I get a few things hung. Now if I could just find my bottle of Fabri-Tac and Art Glitter Dries Clear that would make me really smile!

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