Scraproom Makeover

Aug 16, 2010

I have not fallen off the face of the earth… just been lost in my scraproom. Last weekend my friend Lisa E. came over and helped me clean out my scraproom… let me just say if you need to clean out yours she is the one to get to help as she will make SURE you stay on task and get it done… nine hours later I had every shelf, drawer, nook and cranny, AND the closet cleaned out. Nothing was left untouched. We filled the trunk of her car and half the back seat with products to sell in a garage sale.

So with all of this said yesterday my sweet daughters, son-in-law, husband and pretty much adopted daughter Mercy came and helped empty out my scraproom so the painters could paint my room today. Now when you walk into our house you see this…  I swear it seems like it has to go from bad to worse before it can get better.

Yes all of this came out of this one 10′ x 13′ room….

Now you know why I am so glad the painters are coming today…. I just cannot take creating in this bright room another second. It was perfect for Ansley when she was 6 as I let her design the paint theme but now she has moved on to a different room with a much better paint scheme and I got stuck with this one… stripes no more… today it will be Prairie Brush green. And I am so happy. Just makes me super creative thinking about it.

I will post photos of the painted room tomorrow.

Have a great Monday.


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