I spy…

Aug 6, 2010

a real­ly messy bar and kitchen table. The bar is loaded with lots of fun things I pur­chased while in Maine and West Vir­ginia and the kitchen table is filled with stuff I have been using this week. You too can have this mess if your scrap­room is so out of con­trol you need to ask your neigh­bor to help you come orga­nize.… next week hope­ful­ly all that you see will fit into my scrap­room. Pray for me that Jen­nifer does not leave the sec­ond she sees what I have done.

You will spy with your lit­tle eyes vin­tage milk bot­tle caps (for my future Christ­mas online work­shop), Ger­man glass glit­ter, bag full of vin­tage tin­sel and alu­minum gar­land (more items for an online work­shop), old bot­tles to be cleaned and filled with vin­tage shell but­tons, a print­ers tray that my grand­fa­ther gave me, my Artis­tic Jour­ney project, Glossy Accents, Amy But­ler bag filled with vin­tage cards, papers and oth­er ephemera that I brought back from CHA, a box of emp­ty Fan­nie May choco­lates I got in Chica­go for Ans­ley, vin­tage trim, col­lage pauge, Crack­er Bar­rel Syrup bot­tles that I will be sol­der­ing on… there shape is so cute, ziploc bag­gies for kit­ting class­es, daugh­ter’s water bot­tle, super cute milk glass salt shak­er to fill with glass glit­ter, my purse and my Under­wood Type­writer.

And my kitchen table… well this is good as it has been far worse… you will find lots of Maya Mists, a future online class project using Maya Mists, Black Soot Dis­tress Stick­les, Col­or­Box Flu­id Chalk Ink — Creamy Brown, tools, beads from Paper Tales Inc. on Etsy, super cute “B is for Boy” vin­tage flash­cards from Pret­ty Lit­tle Stu­dio, rhine­stones, self adhe­sive pearls, a can­vas to be altered and auc­tioned off for Breast Can­cer, stack of vin­tage post­cards and my lap­top that I have sat at for three days straight typ­ing up class instruc­tions.

I think I need a big­ger scrap­room… try­ing to get the nerve to move back into the front room of the house. It is big­ger and I need the room but can­not get up the courage to make the jump just yet. Oh and I still have all of this to put away. I need a keep­er bad!

But at least all the wash is done… that has to be good for some­thing, right?

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