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Aug 31, 2010

will get you $5. off of last years “All Hallow’s Eve” online workshop. Even though it is last years workshop does not mean it is dated my any means. These projects can be recreated year after year. So if you did not participate in this online workshop last year you can still do so without worry this year.

This online workshop includes 12 vintage-themed project tutorials. Projects include items such as treat baskets, feather tree ornaments, mini wall hangings, tags and a treat bag.

Each tutorial includes color photos and step by step instructions. Some projects come with downloadable templates to make your creative process a bit easier. I have also included vintage postcard and mini flashcard downloads for both Halloween AND Thanksgiving.

Suggestions are provided to convert at least 7 All Hallow’s Eve projects into adorable Thanksgiving themed items, making this workshop pretty much a two for one!

Your membership to this workshop will last for 45 days from your signup date. The cost for this online class is $19.95 but when using the coupon code it makes it only $14.95. So if you are in any Halloween swaps now is the time to start creating.


P.S. To those of you who have asked me when book #2 is coming out well I am working on book #2’s proposal right now so any good thoughts you can send my way will be greatly appreciated. I love the idea and the vision I have in my head. But since this industry is so heavily saturated with lots of great idea books I really need to present to them a wonderful proposal… this means fingers and toes crossed everyone.

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