Clayton Sherman Spinney

Aug 27, 2010

June 22, 1923 – August 27, 2010

May you always rest in peace Gramps.

Gramps as a young boy with his three sisters. Not sure of the date this was taken but I am thinking sometime around 1935.

I really love this family photo of my Gramps, Grammy and Dad. It was taken in1943 just before he went into the Navy during WWII. My goodness Dad was such a cute little boy.

This photo was taken in Dec. of 2005. It makes me laugh because Madelyn was really giving him a fit. The little bugger was not wanting to sit down. Which meant she and Gramps were having one heck of a wrestling match and the littlest one almost won. Thankfully a tootsie pop was found and we got a photo but this one is my favorite.

As most of you know this was taken this past July. We all had lots of laughs that visit. Gramps never lost his humor.

And this adorable group of kids, although now a bit older and a little grayer are all together and so relieved that their dad is at peace. They have spent the past week at his bedside reminiscing about all the fun and crazy things they did with and without him while growing up. I’m glad they are together.

Take care Gramps and say Hello to Grammy, Frannie and Richard for me.

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