Another week flew by quick…

Aug 26, 2010

Gosh my blog is taking a huge hit right now. I guess I will give you a quick run through of my week. Lots of neat things going on.

First off I am super excited to be a part of Paper Cowgirl next year. I was thrilled when Cindy asked if I would be the guest speaker and a teacher at her event. This is going to be such a super fun weekend.

On a sad note my grandfather has said his good byes and has told everyone he is ready to pass on. If you would please send him comforting thoughts and prayers I would really appreciate it. My Dad has been with him since last Friday. Thankfully my Aunts made it to ME yesterday to see him. So needless to say since Friday I have jumped to the phone each time it rings for updates or have been calling dad when I just cannot stand it and have to know how Grampa is doing. I’m so glad I got to visit with him in July. We had a great visit with lots of laughs.

Ansley started her Junior year of High School, Monday. These years are flying by way too quickly and the early mornings are really getting to all of us as we are super night owls… always have been and guess we will not stop. As soon as 10 pm hits our eyes pop open and we are good to go for several hours. So the 6:30 am alarm clock is a real sting when it goes off each morning. And she is a trainer which means she is super busy with football stuff after school and with the games. Our first game is Friday. Go Titans!

I have been working on a neat 12 x 12 canvas for a very special auction in September. Here is a sneak peek of what I am creating. It includes vintage ledger paper and buttons, skeleton key, scrabble pieces and black  paint. I plan on adding some coarse crystal glitter and other items today. I hope it sells at a great price. It will be a one of a kind that is for sure.

Artistic Journey will be here before I know it. We have a fun tag challenge going on right now. Everyone was asked to make a tag about them so here is what I created. As you will notice I have lots of Maya Road products included. Bottlecaps, Kraft Doilies, Mini Butterfly, Turquoise Metallic Mist and White Baby Pom Pom Trim. Here is a fun little tip… you can mix any of the Maya Mists with Gesso to create your own paint. This is how I painted the bottlecaps. Give it a try, it is fun.

Then we added a 9 month old puppy that is the size of a small horse to the family. Chief is such a sweetheart. He and Sonny enjoy each other but Buster really wishes he would just go away. Hopefully in time Buster will realize he has a nice playmate. Time will tell with this issue.

As you can see he is a big 9 month old. But talk about sweet and goofy. We love him. He has kept me pretty busy this week. Learning to walk on a leash without ripping my arms out of my sockets and sitting for more than 1.2 seconds kinda tires a puppy out. He seems to really love this section of the couch for nap time.

This pretty much sums up my week. And since it is football time I need to go make cookies for the trainers to snack on during the Freshman and JV games tonight. It is amazing how many cookies teenagers can eat. I’m just thrilled they liked them so much last year that they asked if I would make them again this year. I made cookies for every game last year. I guess it will be a tradition.

I think this is everything that has gone on here in the past week. Have a great day. I’m off to get the oven heated.

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