And finally we are done…

Aug 18, 2010

Oh I do not miss those stripes and stars for one sec­ond… not a tear was shed when they got cov­ered by this gor­geous col­or by Valspar. It is called Prairie Brush and I love it. Now I walk into a room that looks like this… Every sin­gle prod­uct is in its place and every sin­gle draw­er, box and nook and cran­ny has been cleaned out. It feels so good.

I love that I final­ly have a spot for my Under­wood type­writer… this poor thing has been all over the house.  I still need to hang a shelf over the one you see for items that I need but do not use all that often. And I want to dig around some thrift stores to find some vin­tage prints to hang on the wall.

Behind me the Expe­d­it is filled with prod­ucts and trea­sures. I have my glass glit­ter in salt and pep­per shak­ers, milk­caps in a large pick­le and can­dy jars, tools in milk glass vas­es etc. I love to just stand and look at it.

My com­put­er and sewing machine have a new desk… this can also work as an addi­tion­al work­space when CHA time rolls around.

And I think today’s cute award goes to this flower frog dou­bling as a paint­brush hold­er.… I love it and it works per­fect­ly.

Although I think this is pret­ty cute too… I placed a glass flower frog inside a glass dish which holds my Stick­les per­fect­ly. These sim­ple lit­tle things make me so hap­py and so inspired to cre­ate.

And I must give a huge thank you to Alan a.k.a. Mr. Techy for help­ing get every­thing moved in and out, hooked up and just right as well as our trusty lit­tle super­vi­sor Son­ny. He worked real­ly hard… can’t ya tell.



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