Goodbye Chicago

Jul 31, 2010

I sure will miss this city. I do believe it is my favorite. Their downtown is awesome. I love everything about it and the flower gardens they have throughout the city are just gorgeous. So I thought I would share a few photos I took while we were walking downtown yesterday. While you are looking at the photos I will be trying to figure out how to pack all this great stuff into my suitcase. It is basically goign to be like trying to stuff an elephant into a teacup. Wish me luck.

Cool piece of art.

Chicago Stock Exchange

Their dresses and hair are all made of paper… so cool.

The fountain. Kids were running all over this place having a blast.

The Bean, the artists on the right was creating a gorgeous painting of the bean and the skyline.

Fort Dearborn was right here.

This is part of a memorial to those that passed in the Fort Dearborn Massacre

I certainly never thought much about the time while walking downtown. I love it there.


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