Goodbye Chicago

Jul 31, 2010

I sure will miss this city. I do believe it is my favorite. Their down­town is awe­some. I love every­thing about it and the flower gar­dens they have through­out the city are just gor­geous. So I thought I would share a few pho­tos I took while we were walk­ing down­town yes­ter­day. While you are look­ing at the pho­tos I will be try­ing to fig­ure out how to pack all this great stuff into my suit­case. It is basi­cal­ly goign to be like try­ing to stuff an ele­phant into a teacup. Wish me luck. Cool piece of art. Chica­go Stock Exchange Their dress­es and hair are all made of paper… so cool. The foun­tain. Kids were run­ning all over this place hav­ing a blast. The Bean, the artists on the right was cre­at­ing a gor­geous paint­ing...

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Show Day 3

Jul 30, 2010

This one is a day late but by the time we fin­ished break­ing down the booth and eat­ing din­ner it was late and I was pooped. As you can see my day start­ed out as usu­al at the make-n-take booth. Peo­ple loved learn­ing how to make medal­lion flow­ers. They loved it so much so that I taught 100 peo­ple how to make them. That is a lot of mak­ing and tak­ing in 5  hours. Right before the show start­ed I went to anoth­er one of my favorite man­u­fac­tur­ers… Crafty Secrets.  They have some adorable items com­ing out. You will notice sev­er­al projects using my friend Vic­ki Chris­man­’s 3D shad­ow box frame dies and they are super cute. Their booth is filled with loads of vin­tage good­ness. Notice the 3D Shad­ow Box Frame above… I...

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Show day 2

Jul 28, 2010

Today we cre­at­ed flower pins using Petaloo flow­ers that were mist­ed with sev­er­al dif­fer­ent col­ors of Maya Mist. Then we accent­ed the cen­ter of the flower with one of the new Bin­go Mark­ers. It was a fun day and once again I had a blast meet­ing every­one that came by to say hi. Now how about a lit­tle Stu­dio 490. I LOVE all the new items Wendy Vec­chi is releas­ing. So I will just post all the eye can­dy and save all the WOW’s and OH MY GOODNESS, and I have to HAVE THIS for you… because hon­est­ly this is all I can think to say about her release. So enjoy. And if I don’t get this stamp set I think I might just die.…is this incred­i­ble or what? So there you have it… loads...

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Show Day 1

Jul 27, 2010

What a whirl­wind of a day… One minute into the show I had a line wait­ing to cre­ate my make-n-take and 5 hours lat­er all 78 were done. Then did some demos on how to make a real­ly cute flower using our satin pleat trim. Tomor­row’s make-n-take will be cre­at­ing a flower that has been mist­ed with sev­er­al dif­fer­ent col­ors of Maya Mist… then the cen­ter will be one of the new bin­go pieces. AND the give­away is awe­some… just say­ing. So stop by in the morn­ing so you don’t miss out. From 11:00 to 11:30 I will have a book sign­ing at the R & M booth #2025. So if you would like one of my books make sure you get there first thing at 11:00 as I will need to leave right...

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Pre CHA day 2

Jul 26, 2010

First let me say… yes, dreams do come true… check out what Maya Road now has.… GLITTER!!!! I have begged and begged and begged for Car­o­line to PLEASE make GLITTER well not only she and Deb make GLITTER I actu­al­l­ly got to help pick the col­ors. All I am going to say is it is super awe­some GLITTER and if you are a glit­ter lover like me you will LOVE this fine glit­ter. So after I fin­ished doing the hap­py dance we start­ed adding all the design teams projects. Our team ROCKS… those of you attend­ing will be so inspired after­ing see­ing what every­one has cre­at­ed. And about 5 hours lat­er we were done.… Love that I have a larg­er and taller Make-n-Take table (thanks Car­olyn)… tomor­row’s project is going to be fun and the give away...

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Pre CHA day 1

Jul 25, 2010

Start­ed my day play­ing with this lit­tle cutie Miss Olivia. After break­fast we head­ed to the con­ven­tion cen­ter to start putting the booth togeth­er. The blank area you see will soon be filled with lots of Maya Road good­ness.  This is Lau­ra and Aubrey work­ing on the walls. Once it gets past the sec­ond row I am ver­ti­cal­ly chal­lenged. Here is Lau­ra and David with a lit­tle orga­nized chaos going on. It is always such an accom­plished feel­ing once we get the walls all set up. Here is some seri­ous orga­nized chaos.  The rib­bon wall is plain tor­ture for me… thank­ful­ly, Car­o­line knows this and gives this task to some­one else… Lau­ra. I have no idea how she man­ages to com­plete this task. If it were up to me to get it done CHA would be over and you...

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CHA Projects and Local Classes

Jul 23, 2010

So tomor­row I head for CHA in Chica­go. It is a lot of work yet so fun as I get to work with some super fun peo­ple and see friends from all over the coun­try. Maya Road has a won­der­ful release. Each release I think there is no way they can top this one yet they do and they did not dis­ap­point with this one either. So many won­der­ful new prod­ucts. To see their new items check out their cat­a­log online here. This release I got to play with some of the new Maya Road Jeans Pock­et Binder Can­vas Binder. I will be teach­ing this album project at The Crafty Scrap­per Sat­ur­day, August 14th at 10:30 a.m. They also cre­at­ed this won­der­ful Pen­nant Can­vas Album. I used lots of Maya Road Maya Mists on...

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Two weeks and 13 states later…

Jul 23, 2010

I am home and just in time to turn around and head to CHA tomor­row morn­ing. I had a won­der­ful time with my mom and dad dri­ving up to see my Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and my Grand­fa­ther. It was a lot of dri­ving but so worth see­ing every­one. Here is a quick recap of my last two weeks… Vis­it­ed my mom’s (Childers) side of the fam­i­ly in Buck­han­non, WV. Had so much fun see­ing every­one. Down­town Buck­han­non has some adorable and super won­der­ful antique stores. They even have a scrapping/stamping store that I was so hap­py to be able to vis­it. I found lots of items to incor­po­rate into projects for class­es. This is what you see as you look down the hill from my aunt and uncle’s house. This is the old home­stead...

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“Home Sweet Home”

Jul 1, 2010

Since I am about to head out on a two week road trip with my Mom and Dad to vis­it fam­i­ly I thought I would dis­count my “Home Sweet Home” online work­shop to $9.95. If you are reg­is­tered in my Tips, Tech­niques and Tuto­ri­als online work­shop you will be giv­en free access to this online work­shop. The project cre­at­ed is a won­der­ful way to doc­u­ment what makes your home a  “Home Sweet Home”. The tech­nique taught is fun to do and can be added to lots of dif­fer­ent projects. Enjoy!...

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