A few new soldering projects

May 28, 2010

I was lucky to get Trisha Conlon to come to my house for a private soldering lesson this past Wednesday. She is so talented and has so many wonderful ideas. Trisha and I started brainstorming and came up with a super cool class idea that we are going to teach  together at The Crafty Scrapper. It will be down the road because first we have to get the idea out of our heads and to the table. All I can say is it will be an all day class that will incorporate both our styles and yes I have to say it again…. it is so super cool!

Okay so on to what she taught me…. I love the shadow box type pendants and wanted to learn how to make them so badly. Well let me just say they are so fun to create and if Trisha does a shadow box class you have got to take it… hint, hint Trisha.

I filled my shadow box with some small and medium sized pearls, a rhinestone button and a resin flower. The back of the inside is part of an old button card. The back of the shadow box is altered using clip art Trisha brought me. I decided not to polish the pendant because I like the old tarnished look… kinda looks like something you would have found in your grandmothers vanity. Also, I did not burnish the tape really well on a few spots around the side so it lifted just a tad but honestly I like the look. I know it is not what you want but I think I am going to always have a slight lifted area on all of mine as I really do love how it looks… looking old and beat up =’s perfect to me.

So after the shadow box tutorial she told me how to make this adorable flower. Oh my… you need to take this class. I am going to turn mine into a pin. On some areas of a few petals the solder would not stick even after fluxing the thing (will have to ask Trisha about this) but again I like the beat up look. This flower looks like it has been sitting outside in a garden for several years. I love it and will certainly be wearing this pin proudly. Trisha mentioned another flower that she is trying to create and let me tell you I will be the first one in her class when she figures it out. You will want to be there too… promise!

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