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Apr 12, 2010

“Give A Mouse A Cookie” well this is what happens when you give two friends ribbon, fabric, a sewing machine, one free hour and Rebecca Sower. Jessica and I are having a blast making these flowers. And just a little FYI… this is a great way to use up your ribbon scraps. That is if you are like me, I keep every little piece. Now I have a super cool project to use them in. Warning: These flowers are extremely addicting to make. Once you start you do not want to stop.

We also created a gorgeous banner using some of the family photos I took. It took us two days to finish it and it is wonderful… yes fabric flowers on this one too… as soon as I take some photos of it I will post them. Oh we even dyed our own seam binding to use in this project. I will have to show you how to do this once I get home. You all will love this technique. It is super easy to do.

Today we will be attempting a new flower design… can’t wait to show you this one… they are gorgeous. I guess you can say this week it is all about flowers.

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