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Apr 16, 2010

It was a super fun week visiting Jessica and her family. Below is one of the photos I took while visiting and let me just say it was a week. Not only were we creating like crazy in the evenings we were also taking care of one kid with a mild case of chicken pox, one with strep throat and a 5 month old… some days we didn’t know if we were coming or going. It got so comical all we could do was laugh.

Especially the day Jess called the Dr. to make an appointment to bring Jacob in due to some strange bumps on his face, turn right back around after dropping Hanna off at school to pick her up because she wasn’t feeling well, then call the Dr. to see if she could bring both kids in at the same time. I told her to leave Ethan sleeping as I would stay home with him because there was no need to drag him along and waking up a sleeping baby is never good. Well that sleeping baby woke up the second Jess and the kids pulled out of the driveway and lets just say I can’t help in the feeding department… so Ethan and I walked and bounced around the house a few miles I’m sure, went for a stroll around the neighborhood (me figuring out how to open the darn stroller was comical too), having to hurry home because it started raining then starting the entire walk bounce thing again. All the while Jess and I were texting each other while she was at the Dr.  just laughing. Glad to know my rusty baby Mom skills were still there.

I could not wait to share a photo of the quilt Jessica made for me!!! I love it so much and have threatened everyone including the dogs that if anything happens to this it will not be pretty. Getting a great photo of it was quite the challenge as I wanted you all to see as much of it as possible so here are two that I think show it best. I think this is perfect in each and every way and will cherish this forever. Thank you so much Jess.

And I cannot stop thinking of these two bird designs on the dish towels I saw at Anthropologie. The stitching is so inspiring. I would love to do something similar but create my own pattern by combining the two designs. Then placing it on a throw pillow or tote bag and adding fabric pieces on the wings as well as stitching… still thinking but it is safe to say once I figure it out I will be sharing.

Okay off to reply to email and start preparing for my newest online workshop Say Say Old Playmate.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

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