Happy Easter from my family to yours…

Apr 4, 2010

I thought I would share with you on this special day some family photos from Easters past. Oh how I love old family photos.

Here are my mom and cousins Larry and Jimmie Easter Sunday. They are standing in front of my Aunt and Uncle’s house on Dog Run in Salem, WV, in 1954 or 55.

Love that the girls as well as the ladies wore gloves with their new Easter attire. I’m not sure where Mom is standing for this photo but I am assuming it is either in the yard at her home or my aunt’s. They were only 2 houses away from each other. Which was so fun when the family would go visit in the summers. I’m sure my brother and I created a path between their houses… we went back and forth all day long.

Here are my Dad, Aunt Linda, Aunt Brenda and little Uncle Clayt in front of their house on Winnicut Road, in Greenland, NH, Easter Sunday of 1955. I remember seeing orchid corsages in the grocery stores every Easter growing up (haven’t seen these in a while)… notice the white gloves peeking out from around my aunt Linda’s waist. And I love the Easter bonnets and hat. I also noticed everyone is smiling for the photo… not an easy task with 4 kids! And to imagine that they had to wait to develop the film never knowing until it was too late if they got a good photo or not… I sure love digital for that one convenience.

What a difference 10 years made for my mom and dad. Here is yours truly… me in April of 1965 celebrating my first Easter. I was 3 months old.

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter!

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