Grungepaper Flower PDF

Apr 5, 2010

I finally got my hands on some Grungepaper! And yes, it is super fun to play around with and I have lots of ideas for this neat product. This photo is of a flower I created using one of my templates, some Maya Mist, Glitter and Stickles. It was not a great day for photos this morning as it was very cloudy. This flower is a much brighter pink… it kinda looks cranberry here.

I did discover a helpful hint that I want to pass along. When using any of the Maya Mists it is much easier to apply to Grungepaper using a paintbrush instead of spraying. Grungepaper does not absorb the mist as fast as chipboard. If you over spray you will end up having to blot some of the mist off which I quickly discovered. So if you Mist a lot of chipboard and want to try it on Grungepaper get out your paintbrush. My friend Dina would not be too pleased with me if she knew how much mist I wasted blotting. Don’t tell okay.

If you would like to make this flower as well as another version I have listed a new tutorial for you to download in my store. The cost is only $1.25 and you get a complete supply list, color photos, step by step instructions and the template.

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