Another day of flowers

Apr 14, 2010

Are you tired of see­ing flow­ers? I sure hope not because Jes­si­ca and I are hav­ing a blast mak­ing them. The flow­ers shown below are made out of sev­er­al dif­fer­ent kinds of mate­r­i­al. Thank­ful­ly, Jes­si­ca is the fab­ric queen and made the selec­tions. If not I would still be stand­ing in the fab­ric sec­tion try­ing to make up my mind as there were too many col­ors and tex­tures. Talk about sen­so­ry over­load. Hon­est­ly, it would have tak­en me for­ev­er… she just said, “How about these col­ors and tex­tures?” And I quick­ly replied back with “Per­fect, looks great to me.”

Jes­si­ca found the tuto­r­i­al on how to make these flow­ers on the Sew 4 Fun blog. You real­ly need to check it out. I think you will love cre­at­ing them. They are anoth­er real­ly easy flower to cre­ate. The large flower is made using the 5″ cir­cle as the base and the small­er one is made start­ing with the 3.5″ cir­cle as the base. You can eas­i­ly vary the sizes of these flow­ers.

We also start­ed on a can­vas mini album. The front is cov­ered with burlap and accent­ed with one of the fab­ric flow­ers we made using all red and white fab­ric. It is ADORABLE… I will share a sneak peek of that tomor­row. You will love it.

I can’t believe my week is almost over. I will be com­ing home with lots of great recipes, loads of flow­ers and tons of inspi­ra­tion. It has been such a fun filled vis­it.

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