That little word Acceptance…

Mar 2, 2010

Little did I know just how perfect this one little word would be this year. I guess I should keep it real with this post and explain why I have been pretty much absent since returning from CHA. My daughter Ansley who by the way just turned 16 on the 28th has been diagnosed with Panic Disorder. She had her first full blown attack the first night I was at CHA. Her attacks look like seizures they are so intense and seeing her have them breaks my heart. She has not been able to attend school and has now been placed on Homebound. We do see improvement and are hoping that she will be back on track in a month, fingers crossed.

So with all that being said taking care of Ansley 24/7 and I mean literally night and day, getting my classes ready for this weekend at Crop-Paper-Scissors, setting up my “You R 2 Tweet” mini workshop, mailing books, replying to email (which by the way I have received some of the sweetest notes from people regarding my book, thank you so much), taking care of everyday family life and chores well, my blog has been slightly neglected… no very neglected.

But I do have a few sneak peeks of the canvas envelopes we will be altering in my Canvas Sampler Album class.

Canvas Envelope One

Canvas Envelope Two

I hope you all will be patient with me regarding my lack of daily blog posts. I am juggling a lot right now and I’m trying my absolute best to keep up. Just know I will be posting as often as I can.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

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