Sweet Treat Cup

Mar 23, 2010

Crepe paper and pipe cleaners… can it get much sweeter? For me, no.

Here is a treat cup tutorial that will fit on an Easter tree if you shorten the handle a bit from what is shown here. Or you could score major brownie points by placing one of these little cuties on your co-workers desk filled with a few candy eggs, a chocolate Easter bunny, wrapped in cellophane and tied with a seam binding bow. You could also make several and use them as placecards for an Easter brunch. Pure sweetness I think.

Supplies Used: White Nut & Party Cups (can be found in the Cake Section of large craft stores), Pink Crepe Paper Streamer, Maya Road Pink Ruffle Edge Trim, Jenni Bowlin Pink Embellished Butterflies, Fabri-Tac, Embroidery Floss (any light color as it will not be seen), Silver Pipe cleaner

Tools Needed: Scallop Scissors, Sewing Needle, Hot Glue Gun


  1. Cut a piece of crepe paper streamer 12″ in length, fold in half length wise, while still folded trim open edge using scallop scissors.
  2. Open crepe paper streamer, thread a sewing needle with 3 strand of embroidery floss, start gathering the crepe paper down the center (the crease from your fold should be visible to use as a guide) once you reach the opposite end space gathers so that the crepe paper ruffle wraps all around the treat cup.
  3. Attach the crepe paper ruffle onto the treat cup. Note: Apply adhesive along the center stitched area.
  4. Cut a piece of Pink Ruffle Edge Trim long enough to wrap around the center of the attached crepe paper ruffle. Attach the trim to the crepe paper ruffle using Fabri-Tac.
  5. Attach one Jenni Bowlin Pink Embellishment Butterfly onto the Pink Ruffle Edge Trim. Note: The butterfly should look centered on the front of the treat cup.
  6. Using a hot glue gun attach a Silver Pipe Cleaner on the inside of the treat cup to form your handle.
  7. Fill with shredded book pages and sweet treats.

Here’s to a day of happy creating!

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