Remember this sneak peek…

Mar 16, 2010

Well you can now see the entire piece on the JBS Inspiration blog as today I’m the Guest Star.

Now for a little rambling…

I must say it feels really great being able to walk around my scraproom. This place is so clean and organized, almost too clean and organized. Any one wanna guess how long it will take me to make a huge mess once again… oh what a vicious cycle.

I have a few projects to get finished this week for Memory Makers. They are publishing another wonderful Idea Book which I am so happy to be a part of. They are so great to work with… honestly I cannot say enough wonderful things about them.

I am still trying to come off my high from my great find yesterday. I just LOVE these dishes. They are so pretty. My happy dance is slowing down but I still have a nice happy skip in my step.

And to those of you that have send me email asking about Ansley well she has been doing great these past few days. I mean really really great. She has had a few minor panic attacks but nothing like she has been having… it is so nice to hear her laughing and hanging out with her friends. Hopefully this will stick and she can get back into school soon. I know she really wants to get back.

Working on getting my new workshop in order… More Delight In The Details – Sparkle & Shine. I will be showing you how to recreate 12 projects from the First Chapter in my book. I wont be detailing the techniques since these are in my book but I will be providing you the other info needed to create beautiful and very detailed projects. Hope to see you there it will be lots of fun.

Okay I guess that is enough rambling for today. The dryer buzzer is going off… such a lovely sound.


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