Remember this sneak peek…

Mar 16, 2010

Well you can now see the entire piece on the JBS Inspi­ra­tion blog as today I’m the Guest Star.

Now for a lit­tle ram­bling…

I must say it feels real­ly great being able to walk around my scrap­room. This place is so clean and orga­nized, almost too clean and orga­nized. Any one wan­na guess how long it will take me to make a huge mess once again… oh what a vicious cycle.

I have a few projects to get fin­ished this week for Mem­o­ry Mak­ers. They are pub­lish­ing anoth­er won­der­ful Idea Book which I am so hap­py to be a part of. They are so great to work with… hon­est­ly I can­not say enough won­der­ful things about them.

I am still try­ing to come off my high from my great find yes­ter­day. I just LOVE these dish­es. They are so pret­ty. My hap­py dance is slow­ing down but I still have a nice hap­py skip in my step.

And to those of you that have send me email ask­ing about Ans­ley well she has been doing great these past few days. I mean real­ly real­ly great. She has had a few minor pan­ic attacks but noth­ing like she has been hav­ing… it is so nice to hear her laugh­ing and hang­ing out with her friends. Hope­ful­ly this will stick and she can get back into school soon. I know she real­ly wants to get back.

Work­ing on get­ting my new work­shop in order… More Delight In The Details — Sparkle & Shine. I will be show­ing you how to recre­ate 12 projects from the First Chap­ter in my book. I wont be detail­ing the tech­niques since these are in my book but I will be pro­vid­ing you the oth­er info need­ed to cre­ate beau­ti­ful and very detailed projects. Hope to see you there it will be lots of fun.

Okay I guess that is enough ram­bling for today. The dry­er buzzer is going off… such a love­ly sound.


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