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Feb 11, 2010

Seri­ous­ly, I had no idea I would have such a won­der­ful response over my book. I hon­est­ly put my heart and soul into each project and wrote in the hopes that you would feel like we were sit­ting at the kitchen table chat­ting. You all have been so incred­i­bly won­der­ful and I thank you so much. This being said I had NO idea I would be so busy after I came home from CHA. My feet hit the floor run­ning. Every­one that pur­chased a book from me… it is on the way so start stalk­ing the mail­man now.

I have been answer­ing email like crazy so if you sent me one and I have not respond­ed as of yet please know I am answer­ing them as quick­ly as I can. I am also design­ing two class­es to teach at Crop Paper Scis­sors in Waco on March 6th. I am real­ly excit­ed about teach­ing at this store as I have heard some real­ly nice things about it and I loved get­ting to meet Emmalie at CHA. My friend Wendy taught at her store and had a won­der­ful time. Here is a sneak peek below of the album class I will be teach­ing in the after­noon. Still work­ing on the morn­ing class and will post some sneak peeks ear­ly next week. Plus I need to get her all the info main­ly the cost of the class­es and sup­plies need­ed list. I tell ya I was not kid­ding when I said I hit the floor run­ning. I believe Emmalie will have copies of my book there as well. Plus I will be bring lots of the projects fea­ture in my book for you to see in per­son. Oh back to Wendy she has her 2nd book out that I will cer­tain­ly be post­ing about as it is super won­der­ful.

And today we are get­ting snow… 3 inch­es so far. I love the snow and watch­ing it fall from my scrap­room win­dow is awe­some. It should be snow­ing all day… can’t wait to see what the final amount will be. This is a lot for us here in Texas. Although it is sup­posed to get below freez­ing tonight and with this real­ly wet snow it is not going to be a good thing for morn­ing com­muters. Thank­ful­ly Alan and I both work from home.

Okay back to work… got­ta get crack-a-lackin’ as my sweet friend Dina would say. Wish­ing you all a won­der­ful day.

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