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Feb 11, 2010

Seriously, I had no idea I would have such a wonderful response over my book. I honestly put my heart and soul into each project and wrote in the hopes that you would feel like we were sitting at the kitchen table chatting. You all have been so incredibly wonderful and I thank you so much. This being said I had NO idea I would be so busy after I came home from CHA. My feet hit the floor running. Everyone that purchased a book from me… it is on the way so start stalking the mailman now.

I have been answering email like crazy so if you sent me one and I have not responded as of yet please know I am answering them as quickly as I can. I am also designing two classes to teach at Crop Paper Scissors in Waco on March 6th. I am really excited about teaching at this store as I have heard some really nice things about it and I loved getting to meet Emmalie at CHA. My friend Wendy taught at her store and had a wonderful time. Here is a sneak peek below of the album class I will be teaching in the afternoon. Still working on the morning class and will post some sneak peeks early next week. Plus I need to get her all the info mainly the cost of the classes and supplies needed list. I tell ya I was not kidding when I said I hit the floor running. I believe Emmalie will have copies of my book there as well. Plus I will be bring lots of the projects feature in my book for you to see in person. Oh back to Wendy she has her 2nd book out that I will certainly be posting about as it is super wonderful.

And today we are getting snow… 3 inches so far. I love the snow and watching it fall from my scraproom window is awesome. It should be snowing all day… can’t wait to see what the final amount will be. This is a lot for us here in Texas. Although it is supposed to get below freezing tonight and with this really wet snow it is not going to be a good thing for morning commuters. Thankfully Alan and I both work from home.

Okay back to work… gotta get crack-a-lackin’ as my sweet friend Dina would say. Wishing you all a wonderful day.

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