Washing, Packing and a little Panicking…

Jan 20, 2010

Tomorrow I leave bright and early for CHA and I can’t wait to get on that plane as then all the preparations are out of my hands. It will be time to just roll with the flow and accept what comes my way. Oh I hope I can do this gracefully. So today is filled with washing and packing and praying everything fits in my suitcase. I always wonder what the xray guys think when they see my suitcase… hmm what in the world is this thing? I’m sure my “Crop-a-dile” really blows their minds. Then I have my big honkin Fiskar scallop and pinking scissors. Can you imagine being the guy xraying the suitcases and having no clue about all the different tools in the craft industry. I bet they really don’t like CHA too much. I can guarantee you I as well as many others will arrive in CA with a sweet little note stating my suitcase has been searched. Sorry guys, just a middle aged paper artist on board.

If you are attending CHA please come by F&W Media’s booth (4228) Monday the 25th from 11-12. I will be demoing some of the techniques in my book as well as giving away a limited number of copies so get there first thing if you would like a copy. Have I mentioned I cannot wait to see my book? Oh and I will have some of my book projects on display in their booth as well as the Maya Road booth (1969). I always think it is fun to see projects in person.

Remember I will be tweeting from the show so if you want to keep up with what is going on during my week long stay in CA check my blog often for twitter updates. You will notice the updates on the right side column thanks to my hubby Alan. He is the techy guy behind all of this. Watch this space… during CHA my Twitter updates will also appear here in the main “post” area. I think it will be a fun way for you to see just how crazy CHA is.

Well my blogging friends, I’m looking forward to staying in touch  this week. I’m certain this will be one CHA I will never forget.

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