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Jan 17, 2010

If you set a goal this year to get some lay­outs pub­lished here is a great open call for you to sub­mit to. I feel Mem­o­ry Mak­ers Books is a won­der­ful place to start. As you know all kinds of won­der­ful things have hap­pened to me in the pub­li­ca­tion world with this com­pa­ny (Pet Pages Unleashed, Orga­niz­ing Your Scrap­book Sup­plies (Ask the Mas­ters!), Mem­o­ry Mak­ers Mas­ter’s 08 and Delight in the Details.

Remem­ber this, you can’t get pub­lished if you nev­er sub­mit.

If you have any ques­tions please feel free to email me or post a com­ment in this entry as oth­ers just might have the same ques­tion.  Believe me I did­n’t wake up one morn­ing know­ing how to do all this… peo­ple gave me sug­ges­tions, a slight push and many a word of encour­age­ment along the way. Car­o­line, Jes­si­ca, Lisa, Suzy, Wendy, and many a 2Peas Pub Mem­ber were instru­men­tal in my suc­cess. So now it is my turn to pay it for­ward.

Good luck!

Mem­o­ry Mak­ers Books: Call for Lay­outs!

Mem­o­ry Mak­ers Books is cur­rent­ly look­ing for lay­outs, which will be pub­lished in an upcom­ing idea book, ten­ta­tive­ly titled The Big Book of Scrap­book Ideas.
This new Mem­o­ry Mak­ers gallery book will show­case fan­tas­tic lay­out ideas on all kinds of themes like fam­i­ly, hol­i­days, spe­cial events, vaca­tions and more. The new book will fea­ture more than 500 lay­outs, so we’re look­ing for a vari­ety of pages, high­light­ing all sort of styles, skill lev­els, col­ors, prod­ucts, pho­tos and tech­niques.


Please sub­mit your lay­outs on the fol­low­ing themes:

• Fam­i­ly time and spe­cial family/friend rela­tion­ships

• Babies, kids and pets

• Hob­bies and careers

• Hopes and dreams, faith, and oth­er per­son­al themes

• Hol­i­days and spe­cial occa­sions

• Vaca­tions

• Sports and oth­er fun activ­i­ties
We accept lay­outs in any of the fol­low­ing sizes and for­mats:

• 12 x 12 sin­gle and dou­ble

• 8.5 x 11 sin­gle and dou­ble

• Tra­di­tion­al, hybrid and dig­i­tal

We are espe­cial­ly inter­est­ed in pages that have mul­ti­ple pho­tos.

The pay­ment for pub­li­ca­tion of your art­work is a free copy of the book.

Instruc­tions for Sub­mis­sion
Dead­line for sub­mis­sions: March 15, 2010

* Send .jpgs no larg­er than 300K to March 15, 2010. (You can take a dig­i­tal pic­ture of your layout(s) or scan the lay­out, and e‑mail it to us as jpg.)

* Include your name, address and e‑mail address with your sub­mis­sions. Sub­mis­sions with­out this infor­ma­tion will not be accept­ed.

* Sub­mis­sions must be nev­er-before-seen, nev­er post­ed in an online gallery and nev­er pub­lished

* Sub­mis­sions are lim­it­ed to 10 per per­son

*If your page(s) is cho­sen, you will be noti­fied via e‑mail by March 30, 2010 with fur­ther instruc­tions (includ­ing how to mail in orig­i­nal art­work).

Ques­tions about sub­mis­sion guide­lines can be sent to:

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