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Dec 23, 2009

First I must say WOW… thank you all so much for all the won­der­ful com­ments and emails you have sent me regard­ing this post. I have decid­ed to keep it real on my blog this year. I cer­tain­ly do not want to give the false impres­sion that every­day is a hol­i­day for me. Most days are real­ly great don’t get me wrong. But I think we woman some­times get caught in a trap and feel it sets us up for unre­al­is­tic expec­ta­tions on our­selves when we read that every­thing is always peachy or things always seem so per­fect at all times on oth­er blogs. Real­ly life is not that way and I cer­tain­ly do not want to por­tray that mine is. Yes I do have so many things to be thank­ful for and I am but I too have to wor­ry about pay­ing mort­gage and jug­gling every­day expens­es, clean­ing the house, get­ting the mounds of clothes washed, tote Ans­ley here and there, work and try to stay sane. I’m just like every oth­er per­son try­ing to make the best of each day and not let the not so fun stuff get in the way of what tru­ly is impor­tant. It real­ly is amaz­ing how I feel more con­nect­ed to you all after read­ing all your com­ments. They are all such a won­der­ful gift and I thank you for tak­ing the time to com­ment and email me.

12 Day Advent Calendar

Okay so now for this fin­ished project well sor­ta fin­ished I guess. These are all the fin­ished pock­ets I cre­at­ed over the past month. I just added some tin­sel and che­nille stems around the edge of a cran­ber­ry paint­ed 7″ x 9″ can­vas. I have not yet attached the pock­ets to the can­vas as I can­not make up my mind if I want to make this big­ger buy plac­ing them onto larg­er altered tags and then a larg­er can­vas. And I am torn on whether I want to have it sit on an easel or hang. So many minor details to think about. Lol, this just might end up being used next year. How are you going to fin­ish yours? I would love to know.

So this morn­ing I final­ly got all the Christ­mas cook­ies baked and have giv­en Alan and Ans­ley strict instruc­tions to please leave some for Christ­mas. I think they know I am seri­ous. :) Have all my gifts wrapped thanks to a sweet 15 year old neigh­bor. I have all the food need­ed to cook for Christ­mas Eve so I guess I am pret­ty much ready for the hol­i­days. Just need to do a bit more clean­ing and wash­ing. I hope every­thing is falling into place for you all and remem­ber, what­ev­er you don’t get fin­ished your fam­i­ly and guests will nev­er know if you don’t tell them.

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