Cupcake Liner Holiday Light Reflectors…

Dec 9, 2009

While sitting in the Doctor’s office this morning with Ansley (poor girl has a terrible sore throat but a shot and antibiotics will fix her in no time) I saw this really neat idea in one of the magazines. I cannot remember which magazine I saw this in but find it rather amusing that I can remember how to make the entire project step for step… does not make sense at all. Anyway, these are super easy to make and will look so pretty attached to white lights wrapped around some garland. They remind me of the old aluminum foil reflectors used in the 60’s.

Cupcake Liner Holiday Light Reflector

Supplies Used: Foil Cupcake Liners Tools Used: Scissors


  • Fold cupcake liner in half four times.
  • Using Scissors snip the top portion of the cupcake liner as shown in the photo below.

Folded Cupcake Liner with the top trimmed

  • Unfold the cupcake liner. It should look like the photo shown below. If you want the reflector to have less points  fold the cupcake liner three times instead.

Opened Cupcake Liner

  • Cut a small hole in the center of the cupcake liner as shown below. Make sure the hole is smaller than you want as these are fragile and the hole will tear easily.

Cut a small hole in the center

  • Place the cupcake liner over a small white light. I love how the light reflects off the liner. These are so simple to make and really are so pretty. (Sorry for the bad photos… a tad bit gloomy here today for good photos) This would be something fun for kids to make too.

Attached cupcake liner

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