Crepe Paper Ornament and Bottle Brush Trees

Dec 5, 2009

Friday night I was lucky enough to get to chat online as a guest with a bunch of Fisk-a-teers during their online crop. I tell ya if you want to chat with a fun group…you want to make sure you attend the next one. Before the chat I created these two projects in their honor. So I thought I would share the step by step instructions for the ornament with you. (no instructions for the large tree at the bottom of this post as I think you can figure it out pretty simply) You can make a similar ornament for yourself by changing the color of the crepe paper (Red, Green or Blue), Maya Road Maya Mists (Red) and beads. This is a really fun ornament to make and you all know I have a serious addiction to altering these bottle brush trees. I just cannot seem to make enough of them.

Merry Fisk-a-mas

Supplies Needed:
1 – 2.5” Bottle Brush Tree
Maya Road Maya Mist – Orange, Red
Lime Green Glass Beads
White and Orange Crepe Paper Streamer
Embroidery Floss – White
White Seam Binding or Ribbon
Fiskars Scalloped Punch: Seal Of Approval – Extra Large
Vintage Sheet Music
ColorBox Fluid Chalk Ink – Tangerine
Golden Rod Stickles
White Cardstock

Tools Used:
Pinking Scissors
Micro Tip Scissors
Sewing Needle
Hot Glue Gun


  • Place a 2.5” bottle brush tree into a mixture of 1 part bleach to 2 parts water. I use my bathroom sink. Make sure you are in a well ventilated area. Some trees might take a bit more bleach than others. Just experiment with the mixture until you get your tree completely bleached out. Once the bleaching is complete rinse the tree off well. Pat dry.
  • Line your sink with paper towels, place your tree onto the paper towels and mist your tree with Orange Maya Road Maya Mist. Blot off the excess mist from your tree and let dry. Throw away the paper towels and rinse out the sink.
  • To create your crepe paper rosette cut one 12” strip from a white and orange crepe paper streamer.
  • Thread a sewing needle with 3 strands of embroidery floss. Begin gathering at one end of the orange crepe paper streamer, about 1/8” from the edge of the streamer, continue gathering to the opposite end. Pull the ends together tightly and double knot your floss. Repeat this process with the white crepe paper streamer.
  • After you have double knotted the floss on the white crepe paper streamer trim the rosette using pinking scissors so that the diameter is approximately 3”.
  • Using Golden Rod Stickles, accent the edges of the orange and white crepe paper rosettes, let dry.
  • Cut a piece of white seam binding to approximately 18” in length; tie the ends together leaving about 2” of ribbon at the end of the knot. Place the seam binding in the center of the orange crepe paper rosette leaving the knot at the edge of the bottom of the crepe paper rosette. See photo. Attach the white crepe paper rosette on top of the orange crepe paper rosette and white seam binding using a strong liquid adhesive.
  • Using a Scalloped Squeeze Punch, punch one round scalloped circle out of vintage sheet music.
  • Accent the edges of the scalloped circle using Golden Rod Stickles, let dry.
  • Using a strong liquid adhesive attach the scallop to the center of the white crepe paper rosette.
  • Type or print your sentiment “Merry Fisk-a-mas” onto white cardstock
  • Using scissors cut out the sentiment to create a journaling strip snip the ends to form a “v”, accent the edges using ColorBox Fluid Chalk Ink in Tangerine. Accent the edges of the journaling strip using Golden Rod Stickles, let dry.
  • Attach the journaling strip onto the center of the scalloped circle making sure your words will not be covered when attaching the bottle brush tree.
  • Using a hot glue gun attach 6 lime green glass beads to your orange bottle brush tree.
  • Cut out a small star from chipboard, paint it gold, apply a clear drying adhesive, generously apply gold German glass glitter, tap off excess, let dry.
  • Using scissors trim off part of the back of the bristles on your bottle brush tree so the back of the tree will attach as flat as possible to the ornament.
  • Once the star is dry using a strong adhesive attach the star to the top of the bottle brush tree.
  • Using a strong liquid adhesive attach the orange bottle brush tree on top of the center of the scalloped circle

Merry Fisk-a-mas Tree

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