Crepe Paper Ornament and Bottle Brush Trees

Dec 5, 2009

Fri­day night I was lucky enough to get to chat online as a guest with a bunch of Fisk-a-teers dur­ing their online crop. I tell ya if you want to chat with a fun group…you want to make sure you attend the next one. Before the chat I cre­at­ed these two projects in their hon­or. So I thought I would share the step by step instruc­tions for the orna­ment with you. (no instruc­tions for the large tree at the bot­tom of this post as I think you can fig­ure it out pret­ty sim­ply) You can make a sim­i­lar orna­ment for your­self by chang­ing the col­or of the crepe paper (Red, Green or Blue), Maya Road Maya Mists (Red) and beads. This is a real­ly fun orna­ment to make and you all know I have a seri­ous addic­tion to alter­ing these bot­tle brush trees. I just can­not seem to make enough of them.

Merry Fisk-a-mas

Sup­plies Need­ed:
1 – 2.5” Bot­tle Brush Tree
Maya Road Maya Mist – Orange, Red
Lime Green Glass Beads
White and Orange Crepe Paper Stream­er
Embroi­dery Floss — White
White Seam Bind­ing or Rib­bon
Fiskars Scal­loped Punch: Seal Of Approval — Extra Large
Vin­tage Sheet Music
Col­or­Box Flu­id Chalk Ink – Tan­ger­ine
Gold­en Rod Stick­les
White Card­stock

Tools Used:
Pink­ing Scis­sors
Micro Tip Scis­sors
Sewing Nee­dle
Hot Glue Gun


  • Place a 2.5” bot­tle brush tree into a mix­ture of 1 part bleach to 2 parts water. I use my bath­room sink. Make sure you are in a well ven­ti­lat­ed area. Some trees might take a bit more bleach than oth­ers. Just exper­i­ment with the mix­ture until you get your tree com­plete­ly bleached out. Once the bleach­ing is com­plete rinse the tree off well. Pat dry.
  • Line your sink with paper tow­els, place your tree onto the paper tow­els and mist your tree with Orange Maya Road Maya Mist. Blot off the excess mist from your tree and let dry. Throw away the paper tow­els and rinse out the sink.
  • To cre­ate your crepe paper rosette cut one 12” strip from a white and orange crepe paper stream­er.
  • Thread a sewing nee­dle with 3 strands of embroi­dery floss. Begin gath­er­ing at one end of the orange crepe paper stream­er, about 1/8” from the edge of the stream­er, con­tin­ue gath­er­ing to the oppo­site end. Pull the ends togeth­er tight­ly and dou­ble knot your floss. Repeat this process with the white crepe paper stream­er.
  • After you have dou­ble knot­ted the floss on the white crepe paper stream­er trim the rosette using pink­ing scis­sors so that the diam­e­ter is approx­i­mate­ly 3”.
  • Using Gold­en Rod Stick­les, accent the edges of the orange and white crepe paper rosettes, let dry.
  • Cut a piece of white seam bind­ing to approx­i­mate­ly 18” in length; tie the ends togeth­er leav­ing about 2” of rib­bon at the end of the knot. Place the seam bind­ing in the cen­ter of the orange crepe paper rosette leav­ing the knot at the edge of the bot­tom of the crepe paper rosette. See pho­to. Attach the white crepe paper rosette on top of the orange crepe paper rosette and white seam bind­ing using a strong liq­uid adhe­sive.
  • Using a Scal­loped Squeeze Punch, punch one round scal­loped cir­cle out of vin­tage sheet music.
  • Accent the edges of the scal­loped cir­cle using Gold­en Rod Stick­les, let dry.
  • Using a strong liq­uid adhe­sive attach the scal­lop to the cen­ter of the white crepe paper rosette.
  • Type or print your sen­ti­ment “Mer­ry Fisk-a-mas” onto white card­stock
  • Using scis­sors cut out the sen­ti­ment to cre­ate a jour­nal­ing strip snip the ends to form a “v”, accent the edges using Col­or­Box Flu­id Chalk Ink in Tan­ger­ine. Accent the edges of the jour­nal­ing strip using Gold­en Rod Stick­les, let dry.
  • Attach the jour­nal­ing strip onto the cen­ter of the scal­loped cir­cle mak­ing sure your words will not be cov­ered when attach­ing the bot­tle brush tree.
  • Using a hot glue gun attach 6 lime green glass beads to your orange bot­tle brush tree.
  • Cut out a small star from chip­board, paint it gold, apply a clear dry­ing adhe­sive, gen­er­ous­ly apply gold Ger­man glass glit­ter, tap off excess, let dry.
  • Using scis­sors trim off part of the back of the bris­tles on your bot­tle brush tree so the back of the tree will attach as flat as pos­si­ble to the orna­ment.
  • Once the star is dry using a strong adhe­sive attach the star to the top of the bot­tle brush tree.
  • Using a strong liq­uid adhe­sive attach the orange bot­tle brush tree on top of the cen­ter of the scal­loped cir­cle

Merry Fisk-a-mas Tree

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