Vintage Halloween Feather Tree Ornament…

Oct 16, 2009

I LOVE making these ornaments. Ansley says they are freaky and certainly not her most favorite project I have ever created but I am standing strong when I say, “I love them, I really, really love them and I will make them for every holiday.”

Vintage Feather Tree Ornament

If you would like to make one of these ornaments here is how to do it. Using wire cutters, cut a piece from a green Chenille Bump Stem so that you have two bumps on one piece (legs) and then either one or two bumps on a second piece (arms). I like to have two bumps for the arms so that I can curl the hands in to hold items. If I use one bump I find that the arms are too short. Next all you do is fold the bump stem for the legs in half so that the skinny part is at the top middle, slip the second piece through the top and twist the arms around one or two times to secure them in place. To create the head print your vintage image onto heavy white cardstock, cut it out and attach it to the top of the bump stem using a strong liquid adhesive. Accent the postcard image using Diamond Stickles. Using wire cutters cut one bump stem from a black Chenille Bump Stem and wrap around the waist section of the ornament. Create a little banner with the “Boo” sentiment and place it in the ornaments hand, attach a hanger using black embroidery floss and there ya go. You have a little replica of a vintage feather tree ornament.

Halloween Greeting Vintage Postcard

Materials Used: Green and Black Vintage/Retro Chenille Bump Stems, Vintage Postcard Image, Diamond Stickles, Blank Book Page Margin, Stamen (or toothpick, mine just mysteriously disappeared) ColorBox Fluid Chalk Ink – Creamy Brown, Strong Liquid Adhesive, Wire Cutters, Black Embroidery Floss, Scissors

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