I am so blessed…

Oct 3, 2009

to have so many won­der­ful friends. Hon­est­ly, I am tru­ly touched with all the com­ments and emails I have received this past week. You are all such a won­der­ful group of peo­ple.

I am heal­ing great and get to have my stitch­es removed Tues­day. This is when I believe I get my lift­ing and tak­ing it easy restric­tions removed too. Which believe me will not come a sec­ond too soon. I have not felt this good in prob­a­bly 5 years so tak­ing it easy is not an easy task. If any of you have had symp­toms such as the ones I have spo­ken about (and I know there are some) please go and get your gall­blad­der checked. The issues with my gall­blad­der were so slow in pro­gres­sion that I real­ly did­n’t notice how bad I was feel­ing until I felt great once again.

Okay enough of that and on to what I cre­at­ed for all my won­der­ful paper­craft­ing friends. Below is a Mini Friend­ship Flash­card PDF for you to down­load. Just a lit­tle some­thing to say thank you for all your kind­ness. You can make a cute gar­land by string­ing them togeth­er, use them as accents on lay­outs, cards and tags, gosh… you can cre­ate loads of neat things with these. I’m sure you all already have lots of won­der­ful ideas. After I cut mine out I round the cor­ners and ink the edges with a brown ink to give them a nice dis­tressed feel. I hope you have fun play­ing with these.

Mini Friend­ship Flash­cards
You will need the lat­est ver­sion of acro­bat read­er which is free to down­load at adobe.com in order to down­load this PDF

Oh and I got to do the final Author’s edit on my book last week… bed and lap­top for a super bored per­son is a per­fect com­bi­na­tion. I am so over the moon excit­ed about my book. The beau­ty shots are incred­i­ble.. the font used is so me… the back­grounds for each page make me squeal with delight.. the col­or scheme is devine.. I’m telling you it is so awe­some and I am so proud.

Wish­ing you all a great week­end. It is gor­geous here in Frisco, today.

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