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Oct 13, 2009

My goodness is it ever so obvious when you look at my vintage stash just how much I love vintage Christmas items. But since my dad is Santa I guess this is to be expected. I have been pulling items out like a mad woman as I prepare for my next online workshop… the CHRISTMAS workshop. Oh how I love to create Christmas projects. I have a list of things to create that I think are going to make a charming holiday workshop. The name is still yet to be determined so I had a thought… leave a title idea in the comments section of this post. If your title is picked you will win a free access pass to the workshop. If no title is picked I will have Ansley pick one person to receive a free access pass.

Here are some of the items I know I will be using in my workshop if you want to purchase them now.

Vintage Miniature Christmas Set

Vintage Reindeer

Vintage Flocked Santa

Vintage Small Twine/Wire Candy Canes
don’t have these but think they are super cute

Green Holly Leaf Plastic

Then there are all the Red, Green and White Bump Chenille Stems, Red and White Chenille Stems, Metallic Bump Chenille Stems, Gold and Silver Tinsel, Cotton Crochet Doillies, Brass Angel Wings with a Halo, Red and White Baker’s Twine… oh just look at each page in this store… Cass has so many great things that are perfect to create wonderful vintage themed holiday projects. I’m not sure what all I will use in this list but you can bet if I can make it work I will be using it. And I cannot believe these two kits (Christmas Theme and Silver and Blue) are still listed… yikes can you ever do some serious damage in this etsy store.

Then get ready to see some workshop projects and blog posts using these stamps and collage sheets from Red Lead Paperworks.You might want to get these early so you don’t miss out on the creative fun. Seeing the Sold Out sign is no fun! Chris and Sharon have a great Christmas section filled with lots of different items. I know I am being a very very bad enabler with this blog post but I just have to share when I find places I really like.

Domino Angels Wood Mounted Rubber Stamp

Domino Joyeux Noel Wood Mounted Rubber Stamp

Domino Kids on Sled Wood Mounted Rubber Stamp

Domino Rubber Stamp Artist Santa

Domino Rubber Stamp Up on the Housetop

Artist Trading Card 2 Deer in Winter Rubber Stamp Cling Mount

Artist Trading Card Chickadee Pair Rubber Stamp Cling Mount

Artist Trading Card Christmas Carols Rubber Stamp Cling Mount

Then these cute collage sheets remind me of the cards I used to receive as a child from my grandparents, aunts and uncles. They really bring back fond memories.

Collage Sheet Merry Christmas 21

Collage Sheet Merry Christmas 15

And this Faux Snowglobe is gonna be fun!

So there ya go… as you can see there are lots of fun things being created in my scraproom that I cannot wait to share with you all real soon.

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