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Sep 26, 2009

I will not be blog­ging for sev­er­al weeks and thought I would give you the heads up as to why.

To make a long sto­ry short… for the past few years I thought I was lac­tose intol­er­ant. Any­time I drank milk my stom­ach would hurt so I just took myself off all dairy and did­n’t have any­more issues. Well in April the Dr. and I thought I had acid reflux… took Nex­i­um and all was bet­ter.

  • Sun­day I had some ter­ri­ble stom­ach pains that last­ed all night but went away.
  • Tues­day evening BAM I was hit with some stom­ach and back pain that would not let up so I went to the ER and found out I had gall­stones and a very unhap­py gall­blad­der.
  • Wednes­day I was in a hos­pi­tal room being pumped full of antibi­otics and pain med­ica­tion.
  • Thurs­day had surgery to remove my gall­blad­der and let me just say it is instant relief as soon as that thing is gone. The worst day after surgery is still a bet­ter day than hav­ing a gall­blad­der attack.

So if any of you have these very same symp­toms… get that gall­blad­der checked out. This just might be your issue. Life with­out a gall­blad­der is GRAND!

Hugs to you all.

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