Forced Creative Vacation…

Aug 14, 2009

For the past few weeks I have had back spasms which has caused me to take a forced creative vacation. Which by the way is complete and total torture for me. But sitting and creating for any length of time is just too painful. Since I really love sharing tutorials on my blog and having the issue of not being able to sit upright for too long a period this has not allowed much blog time. And since I am working on my All Hallows Eve online workshop my sitting time is very limited. So what I plan on doing for the next several weeks is share some tips and products I really love. I get emails sent to me all the time asking what type of tools I use and prefer for certain projects… what kind of glitter (asked that A LOT) etc. So I will share info on things I have found or learned along the way that I feel help make the creative process easier.

Next up… I have had a few exciting things come about these past few weeks. I got to see some beauty shots of my projects that will be featured in my book. This is so exciting and I cannot wait for it’s release in January. Again the not being able to share is torture. I have been working on this creative journey for nearly 2 years. In a way it has seemed so long and yet in some ways so short. But the end is in sight and I cannot wait.

The next neat thing is I will be teaching a workshop at CHA-W. This will be a vintage themed family mini banner filled full of fabulous products from my book sponsors and here is something super neat… each participant in the class will receive a copy of my book. I can’t wait to teach this workshop and show off my book. There was a lot of heART and soul put into all 100 projects.

Next my Homespun Inspiration online workshop begins tomorrow, Saturday, August 15th. I love the canvas project we are making this month. Below is a little sneak peek of next months project. Remember this workshop is a three month workshop and runs until November 1st.

Homespun Inspiration Project #2

If you have any questions on products or tools that you would like some info on please email me and I will add your questions to the list.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

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