What a great day…

Jul 3, 2009

Yesterday my niece Amanda arrived. I picked her up from the airport at 10 a.m and we did not stop until 10 p.m. She will be going to college in the fall so the  first stop was IKEA… lots of great fun there. Then she wanted to hit Marshalls as this girl can never have too many shoes. Then we ate lunch and headed over to Target. Once we finished there we came home and made this…. well it was more like Amanda not me… I just grabbed stuff for her to use. I think she created the cutest doll. Now to find a little glass plate for her to sit on. I have been wanting to make one of these dolls since I saw them online here… actually, I still want to make one since I just sat and watched Amanda make hers…

Hello Beautiful...
So cute...

After this, Alan cooked out on the grill and we hit the Mall… 2 hours later we were home. Amanda and Alan then made fried Oreos and bananas. Not only is Amanda crafty she is also a great cook and a problem solver as you will see below. If you want to try frying Oreos and bananas all you do is dip them in prepared pancake mix, drop them in a deep fryer then once they start floating take them out and sprinkle powdered sugar on top… so yummy. And since I could not find my sifter for the powdered sugar (here is her problem solving moment) Amanda suggested I use my tea infuser! I would have never thought to use this… never, never, never!!!

FYI… this thing worked like a charm.

Tea Infuser/sifter who would have thought

Today she is headed to Fort Worth to stay with Terri. Looks like it will be another grand day for everone.

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