What a great day…

Jul 3, 2009

Yes­ter­day my niece Aman­da arrived. I picked her up from the air­port at 10 a.m and we did not stop until 10 p.m. She will be going to col­lege in the fall so the  first stop was IKEA… lots of great fun there. Then she want­ed to hit Mar­shalls as this girl can nev­er have too many shoes. Then we ate lunch and head­ed over to Tar­get. Once we fin­ished there we came home and made this.… well it was more like Aman­da not me… I just grabbed stuff for her to use. I think she cre­at­ed the cutest doll. Now to find a lit­tle glass plate for her to sit on. I have been want­i­ng to make one of these dolls since I saw them online here… actu­al­ly, I still want to make one since I just sat and watched Aman­da make hers…

Hello Beautiful...
So cute...

After this, Alan cooked out on the grill and we hit the Mall… 2 hours lat­er we were home. Aman­da and Alan then made fried Ore­os and bananas. Not only is Aman­da crafty she is also a great cook and a prob­lem solver as you will see below. If you want to try fry­ing Ore­os and bananas all you do is dip them in pre­pared pan­cake mix, drop them in a deep fry­er then once they start float­ing take them out and sprin­kle pow­dered sug­ar on top… so yum­my. And since I could not find my sifter for the pow­dered sug­ar (here is her prob­lem solv­ing moment) Aman­da sug­gest­ed I use my tea infuser! I would have nev­er thought to use this… nev­er, nev­er, nev­er!!!

FYI… this thing worked like a charm.

Tea Infuser/sifter who would have thought

Today she is head­ed to Fort Worth to stay with Ter­ri. Looks like it will be anoth­er grand day for everone.

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