Happy July 4th everyone…

Jul 4, 2009

My daughter Terri and her fiance Laren are certainly starting the 4th off with a bang… and this is the reason why…. Terri and Laren are now the proud parents of a seven week old English Bulldog puppy named Lola. And let me just say Lola has everyone hopping.

It seems all she wants to do is sleep in your arms and if not she lets you know it with a very loud cry. I received a phone call this morning at 3 a.m. from Terri letting me know how perfect and smart Lola is about going potty outside. Oh and FYI… Terri lives on the 4th floor. So she will be getting her exercise going up and down those stairs. Anyway, as I was talking to Terri I could hear Lola crying in the background. I think she feels her crate isn’t quite fit for the Princess that she is and would rather have that really nice bed of Terri’s. Terri was doing everything she could to get her to sleep in her crate. It was so cute and a bit funny as I know all to well how that puppy stage can be. But Terri out lasted her and Lola finally decided to go to sleep in her crate. After all it is full of t-shirts, stuffed animals/toys and a bone you can warm up and turn on that has the sound of a heartbeat.

Yes there is a new Princess in town and her name is Lola a.k.a Rico saw her dancn’a cha cha.



You will be seeing many more photos down the road of this little cutie… I’m thinking pink tulle and tiaras are in her future

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