Happy July 4th everyone…

Jul 4, 2009

My daugh­ter Ter­ri and her fiance Laren are cer­tain­ly start­ing the 4th off with a bang… and this is the rea­son why.… Ter­ri and Laren are now the proud par­ents of a sev­en week old Eng­lish Bull­dog pup­py named Lola. And let me just say Lola has every­one hop­ping.

It seems all she wants to do is sleep in your arms and if not she lets you know it with a very loud cry. I received a phone call this morn­ing at 3 a.m. from Ter­ri let­ting me know how per­fect and smart Lola is about going pot­ty out­side. Oh and FYI… Ter­ri lives on the 4th floor. So she will be get­ting her exer­cise going up and down those stairs. Any­way, as I was talk­ing to Ter­ri I could hear Lola cry­ing in the back­ground. I think she feels her crate isn’t quite fit for the Princess that she is and would rather have that real­ly nice bed of Ter­ri’s. Ter­ri was doing every­thing she could to get her to sleep in her crate. It was so cute and a bit fun­ny as I know all to well how that pup­py stage can be. But Ter­ri out last­ed her and Lola final­ly decid­ed to go to sleep in her crate. After all it is full of t‑shirts, stuffed animals/toys and a bone you can warm up and turn on that has the sound of a heart­beat.

Yes there is a new Princess in town and her name is Lola a.k.a Rico saw her danc­n’a cha cha.



You will be see­ing many more pho­tos down the road of this lit­tle cutie… I’m think­ing pink tulle and tiaras are in her future

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