Altered Vellum Buttons Part 2…

Jul 27, 2009

So last week as I was clean­ing up my work­sta­tion I tossed the vel­lum accent­ed but­tons I made onto a pile of old book pages. Well I looked down and noticed the text com­ing through the vel­lum and had an instant Ah HA moment I just have to share. Look at how cool these but­tons are when you add an old book page to the back of the vel­lum! I just love the lay­ered look so much.

Vellum Buttons Accented with an Old Book Page

All you do is after you have com­plet­ed alter­ing a clear but­ton with vel­lum, cov­er the back of the vel­lum with Glossy Accents, place the but­ton glossy side down onto the book page, press the but­ton down firm­ly with your fin­gers to remove any air bub­bles, poke the but­ton holes with a paper piercer and let it dry. Once the Glossy Accents is dry using a pair of scis­sors trim around the but­ton. It is that sim­ple.

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