Summer Pen Pal…

Jun 24, 2009

Do you have one? I do and it is my 5 year old, no excuse me my almost 6 year old sweet little niece Madelyn.

While I was down for my sweet niece Amanda’s High School Graduation (yes, lots of girls in the family… 5 to 1 poor Brittain) Madelyn and I decided we would be summer pen pals. So each week we send each other a handmade card.

At first I kinda freaked because I feel like I have to make over the top cards complete with machine stitching, inking, glitter and all the other things I think I have to do but then I came to my senses and realized all Madelyn really wants is mail… nothing over the top. Just a card from me to her. So here is the second card I made her. I punched out butterflies from an old Charlie Brown Kid’s Dictionary and added a Roller Rink Thickers letter “A”. Super simple and I know she will be thrilled.

My Summer Pen Pal

I am going to add one letter from her name on the front of each card. Then when she puts all her cards together they will spell her complete name. I am wondering how long it is going to take her to figure out that I am spelling her name. I bet not long and most likely right when she receives this card.

On the inside of this card I asked her if she could find 7 Summer words on the Butterflies… Pool, Vacation, Sun, Hot, Beach, Swimming, Suit. I thought she might enjoy a little game along with my rambling.

I hope she doesn’t wonder why “War” is on her card… the “m” got cut off of the word warm. Ooops!

So if you don’t have a Summer Pen Pal… find one. It’s fun and don’t stress… remember, all they want is mail!

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