I’m not sure who…

Jun 29, 2009

is having more fun running to the mailbox me or Madelyn. Here are the two cards she has sent me so far. I think they are so cute. Madelyn created these all by herself with scrapping supplies I gave her. Not too bad for a nearly six year old (she might be reading so if I say 5 well… you know how that goes)

My letters...

I love her butterflies… to me there is nothing cuter than kids art. I just love, love, love it.

Cutest butterfly ever

And then of course there are the hilarious topics of discussion. Today’s card made me laugh out loud. Buster is our dog and Zeus is her dog. Glad he was just sleeping and that she isn’t drinking hot chocolate considering it was over 100 in Beaumont a few days ago. The top portion inside the card has 5 tic tac toe games and a score board so I can play with Ansley. She said, “I hope you win.”

Love it

I so cannot wait for next weeks card.

Lately, I have been busy with CHA projects and a few other things that I will be able to share in a few days. Sorry for the lack of tutorials but they will be back soon.

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