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Jun 29, 2009

is hav­ing more fun run­ning to the mail­box me or Made­lyn. Here are the two cards she has sent me so far. I think they are so cute. Made­lyn cre­at­ed these all by her­self with scrap­ping sup­plies I gave her. Not too bad for a near­ly six year old (she might be read­ing so if I say 5 well… you know how that goes)

My letters...

I love her but­ter­flies… to me there is noth­ing cuter than kids art. I just love, love, love it.

Cutest butterfly ever

And then of course there are the hilar­i­ous top­ics of dis­cus­sion. Today’s card made me laugh out loud. Buster is our dog and Zeus is her dog. Glad he was just sleep­ing and that she isn’t drink­ing hot choco­late con­sid­er­ing it was over 100 in Beau­mont a few days ago. The top por­tion inside the card has 5 tic tac toe games and a score board so I can play with Ans­ley. She said, “I hope you win.”

Love it

I so can­not wait for next weeks card.

Late­ly, I have been busy with CHA projects and a few oth­er things that I will be able to share in a few days. Sor­ry for the lack of tuto­ri­als but they will be back soon.

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