Vintage Button Bouquet…

May 13, 2009

Sim­ple is good and cer­tain­ly enjoyed. This lit­tle project makes me reflect on all the fun I had with my grand­moth­ers.

Vintage Button Flowers

Sup­plies Need­ed:
9 — Clear But­tons
9 — Vin­tage But­tons
Scraps of Vin­tage News­pa­per (mine came from Ken­ner Road), Ledger Paper and Sheet Music
24 Gauge Wire
Glossy Accents
3 — Vin­tage Wood­en Spools (I wrapped embroi­dery floss around mine)

Tools Need­ed:
Wire Cut­ters
Paper Piercer
Paper Tow­el


  • Place Glossy Accents onto the back of one clear but­ton, place but­ton onto select­ed paper, push but­ton down to help remove air bub­bles that may occur, let glossy accents set for about 5 min.

Ledger Paper Sheet Music Newspaper

  • Now that the Glossy Accents has set, using scis­sors cut out each but­ton. Using a paper piercer poke through the but­ton holes. Have a paper tow­el handy so you can wipe away excess glossy accents from your paper piercer, but­tons and scis­sors.

Altered Buttons

  • Select the but­tons that you want to add to the top of your altered but­tons, cut 9 pieces of 24 gauge wire to approx­i­mate­ly 8″ in length, thread about 2″ of wire through one altered but­ton hole, place Moth­er of Pearl But­ton onto wire then run the wire back down through the sec­ond hole of both but­tons, twist wire to secure but­tons

Selected Mother of Pearl Buttons Secured Buttons

  • Stack three Vin­tage Spools on top of each oth­er, place wire stems through the holes

Altered Vintage Button Bouquet

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