Sewing Pattern Flower Tutorial…

May 5, 2009

This super easy tutorial has so many possibilities. If you don’t have access to a sewing pattern you could substitute it with coffee filters, old book pages, vintage sheet music, wallpaper or patterned paper. If you create one I hope you share your finished project. I would love to see how you use this flower. I think it would look great as a sweet pin for a hat or bag or as an embellishment for a card, layout or project. Such fun. Enjoy!

Finished Sewing Pattern Flower

Supplies Needed:
Sewing Pattern (purchased mine at a Thrift Store for super cheap)
1- Vintage Button
2 – Small Beads
Embroidery Floss

Tools Needed:
Sizzix Die (Flower, Daisy #4)
Sewing Needle
Martha Stewart Seal Punch


  • Cut a portion of your folded sewing pattern and folded pattern instructions just big enough to cover the flower portion of the Sizzix Flower Daisy #4 die. I left my pattern folded so I could get as many flower layers as possible.

Cut stacks from a sewing pattern the sewing instructions

  • Crumple the stack of folded sewing pattern and folded pattern instructions in your hand.

Crumpled sewing pattern and pattern instructions

  • Separate the layers of the sewing pattern and sewing instructions and stack on top of each other alternating the layers between the sewing pattern and sewing instructions

Layered sewing pattern and sewing instructions

  • Using a sewing needle and embroidery floss attach your button. To add a little interest to your button sew a small bead to cover each button hole. To acheive this look bring your needle up through the button hole, place a bead onto your needle then go back down the same button hole. Repeat this in the next button hole.

Accented Button Holes

  • To finish the back punch a seal from the sewing instructions and attach it over the area you stitched your button.

Finished Back

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