Faux Vintage Millinery Pin Tutorial…

May 7, 2009

I love anything vintage especially vintage millinery pins. I always wonder how the previous owner wore theirs… did they adorn their hat, a lapel, accent a scarf or sweater etc… so with Mother’s Day just around the corner I thought it might be fun to make one just for Mom. You could present this pin to her by attaching it onto a card, placing it into a special altered box or by attaching it to the center of a bow to include with another gift. Either way I know she will love it especially since you made it just for her. I hope you enjoy this simple tutorial of a time gone by and oh so treasured millinery pin.

Faux Vintage Millinery Pin

Supplies Needed:
Sizzix Die Flower, Build A Lilac (sign up for the Sizzix newsletter, they have great sales every Tuesday)
Old Book Page
3 – Small Beads
24 Gauge Wire or Florist Wire
Florist Tape
Prima 4 Seasons Velvet Leaves (Chartreuse)
Pale Yellow Seam Binding or Ribbon
Pin Back

Tools Needed:
Wire Cutters
Hot Glue Gun
Fabri – Tac


  • Using a Sizzix Die Flower, Build a Lilac and a page from an old book page cut out three large and three small flowers. Stack on small flower on top of one large flower. Repeat this two more times.

Stacked Flower Petals

  • Using wire cutters cut three pieces of wire to desired stem length, place bead onto one end and twist wire to secure bead. Repeat this step with the remaining two wires and beads.

Secured Bead for Flower Center

  • Place the wire through the center of each flower. Using scissors cut three pieces of florist tape the length of your wires. Starting at the base of your flower begin wrapping the wire until the entire wire has been wrapped with florist tape. Do this with the remaining two stems. Slightly crumple the petals to add a bit more dimension.

Thread Bead through Flower

Wrap wire stem using Florist Tape

  • Arrange your flowers, cut a piece of florist tape approximately 2 inches and wrap around the portion of the stems where all three come together. Using a small amount of Fabri-Tac adhere one Prima Velvet Leaf onto each of the flower stems. This is a fast grabbing glue so it will not take long to dry. Once the Fabri-Tac is dry using Pale Yellow Seaming Binding or Ribbon tie a bow around the stems.

Secure Flowers with Florist Tape and Bow

  • Using a Hot Glue Gun adhere a pin back to the back of your millinery corsage. If you like you can add Platinum Stickles or Silver Glass Glitter to the edges of your flower petals. I chose to keep this one simple but might have to make another one with some added bling.

Hot Glue Gun a Pin to the back

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