Faux Vintage Millinery Pin Tutorial…

May 7, 2009

I love any­thing vin­tage espe­cial­ly vin­tage millinery pins. I always won­der how the pre­vi­ous own­er wore theirs… did they adorn their hat, a lapel, accent a scarf or sweater etc… so with Moth­er’s Day just around the cor­ner I thought it might be fun to make one just for Mom. You could present this pin to her by attach­ing it onto a card, plac­ing it into a spe­cial altered box or by attach­ing it to the cen­ter of a bow to include with anoth­er gift. Either way I know she will love it espe­cial­ly since you made it just for her. I hope you enjoy this sim­ple tuto­r­i­al of a time gone by and oh so trea­sured millinery pin.

Faux Vintage Millinery Pin

Sup­plies Need­ed:
Sizzix Die Flower, Build A Lilac (sign up for the Sizzix newslet­ter, they have great sales every Tues­day)
Old Book Page
3 — Small Beads
24 Gauge Wire or Florist Wire
Florist Tape
Pri­ma 4 Sea­sons Vel­vet Leaves (Char­treuse)
Pale Yel­low Seam Bind­ing or Rib­bon
Pin Back

Tools Need­ed:
Wire Cut­ters
Hot Glue Gun
Fab­ri — Tac


  • Using a Sizzix Die Flower, Build a Lilac and a page from an old book page cut out three large and three small flow­ers. Stack on small flower on top of one large flower. Repeat this two more times.

Stacked Flower Petals

  • Using wire cut­ters cut three pieces of wire to desired stem length, place bead onto one end and twist wire to secure bead. Repeat this step with the remain­ing two wires and beads.

Secured Bead for Flower Center

  • Place the wire through the cen­ter of each flower. Using scis­sors cut three pieces of florist tape the length of your wires. Start­ing at the base of your flower begin wrap­ping the wire until the entire wire has been wrapped with florist tape. Do this with the remain­ing two stems. Slight­ly crum­ple the petals to add a bit more dimen­sion.

Thread Bead through Flower

Wrap wire stem using Florist Tape

  • Arrange your flow­ers, cut a piece of florist tape approx­i­mate­ly 2 inch­es and wrap around the por­tion of the stems where all three come togeth­er. Using a small amount of Fab­ri-Tac adhere one Pri­ma Vel­vet Leaf onto each of the flower stems. This is a fast grab­bing glue so it will not take long to dry. Once the Fab­ri-Tac is dry using Pale Yel­low Seam­ing Bind­ing or Rib­bon tie a bow around the stems.

Secure Flowers with Florist Tape and Bow

  • Using a Hot Glue Gun adhere a pin back to the back of your millinery cor­sage. If you like you can add Plat­inum Stick­les or Sil­ver Glass Glit­ter to the edges of your flower petals. I chose to keep this one sim­ple but might have to make anoth­er one with some added bling.

Hot Glue Gun a Pin to the back

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